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March 2001
03.31.01 TGS: Smilebit to focus solely on Xbox
03.30.01 TGS: New Panzer Dragoon to be shooter, not RPG
03.30.01 TGS: Final Fantasy X impressions
03.30.01 "Aerith's Theme" stakes out clear lead in FF X bonus track voting
03.30.01 TGS: More on Xenosaga
03.29.01 TGS: MonolithSoft's Project X named
03.29.01 TGS: New Final Fantasy X details
03.29.01 Silent Hill 2, Devil May Cry to feature camera-relative control
03.29.01 TGS: Phase Paradox revealed as Philosoma "sequel"
03.29.01 Two Japanese games get release dates
03.29.01 Initial U.S. Game Boy Advance shipment halved
03.29.01 More details on Sega's Xbox games
03.29.01 Sega to develop eleven titles for Xbox
03.29.01 Game Arts president comments on Nintendo development
03.29.01 No Star Ocean 3 this spring
03.29.01 TGS: Japanese Xbox controller unveiled
03.29.01 TGS: Nintendo announces Game Boy Music
03.29.01 TGS: Level Five discusses Dark Cloud's future
03.29.01 Microsoft, NTT partner for online Xbox gaming
03.29.01 New PSO quests for download
03.28.01 Zone of the Enders ships
03.28.01 Project Majestic Mix progress update
03.28.01 Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon announced
03.28.01 Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth English website available
03.28.01 Dragon Quest VII still coming to America
03.27.01 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon impressions
03.27.01 First Growlanser II screenshot
03.27.01 Project X to debut at Tokyo Game Show
03.27.01 Another Tales of Destiny 2 report
03.27.01 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon set for US GBA launch
03.27.01 Silent Hill 2 for Xbox at TGS
03.26.01 MonolithSoft begins second project
03.26.01 More Lufia: The Legend Returns information
03.24.01 Square games featured in The Art of Maya
03.24.01 Silent Hill 2 playable at TGS
03.24.01 Tales of Eternia coming to the US?
03.24.01 Metroid GBA confirmed to be new game
03.23.01 Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 confirmed for U.S. release
03.23.01 Square announces Tokyo Game Show line-up
03.23.01 Dance Dance Revolution released...
03.20.01 Dreamcast "Smash Pack" disc available separately
03.19.01 Onimusha 2 screenshots
03.17.01 New SharkPort details
03.16.01 More on Space Channel 5 PS2 features
03.16.01 New details on Blue Wing Blitz
03.16.01 First Growlanser II details
03.16.01 Monkey Island comes to the PlayStation 2
03.16.01 Illbleed delayed
03.16.01 Breath of Fire Game Boy Advance unveiled
03.14.01 Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 unveiled
03.14.01 No Dance Dance Revolution pads until May
03.14.01 Atlus announces E3 2001 line-up
03.14.01 More PlayStation 2 titles released
03.14.01 Star Ocean animated series in the works
03.14.01 Sega announces Phantasy Star Online Version 2
03.14.01 Pokémon Stadium 2 gets a special cartridge
03.13.01 Square plans Final Fantasy X showing for Tokyo Game Show
03.13.01 Nintendo plans Tokyo Game Show appearance
03.13.01 El Dorado Gate to receive an early conclusion
03.10.01 Original Space Channel 5 to be upgraded, not sequel
03.10.01 Shin Megami Tensei PSX delayed
03.09.01 Star Ocean: Blue Sphere release date
03.09.01 Sega to release Phantasy Star Online add-on disc
03.09.01 More on Square's WonderSwan strategy RPGs
03.09.01 Evergrace 2 announced
03.09.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week One
03.09.01 Soul Reaver 2 for Dreamcast canned
03.09.01 Famitsu rates The Devil & I
03.09.01 Atlus announces Growlanser II
03.08.01 Square's "unnamed portable RPG" revealed
03.08.01 Pokémon Game Boy Advance artwork
03.07.01 Hoshigami U.S.-bound
03.07.01 "New Pokémon world," Nintendo classics headed to Game Boy Advance
03.07.01 Game Boy Advance launch details, line-up announced
03.06.01 Shadow of Destiny released
03.05.01 Game Boy Advance box revealed
03.03.01 Z.O.E and Metal Gear Solid 2 demo hands-on impressions
03.03.01 "Suteki da ne" bonus track update
03.03.01 Nintendo nails down Zelda: Oracles date
03.03.01 Fox McCloud to invade Dinosaur Planet?
03.03.01 Reiselied: Ephemeral Fantasia bound for U.S.
03.02.01 Breath of Fire bound for Game Boy Advance
03.02.01 Star Ocean 3 resurfaces
03.02.01 Namco discusses 2001 line-up
03.01.01 Konami announces "Your Name in MGS2!" Campaign
03.01.01 Z.O.E / MGS 2 Premium Guidebook announced
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