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January 1999
01.30.99 Final Fantasy VIII Card Battle rules revealed
01.29.99 Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack on the way
01.29.99 Square's sequel fails to rock
01.29.99 Imagineer fights Quest 2 cancellation rumors
01.28.99 Zelda 64 reaches 6 million sales worldwide
01.28.99 Sega of Japan announces Shen Mue VMS game
01.28.99 Grandia confirmed for US PSX release
01.27.99 Toyota to sell own unique version of Dreamcast
01.27.99 Atlus entreats RPG enthusiasts
01.27.99 The Ogopogo Examiner
01.27.99 Shen Mue mini-games, timeline
01.27.99 Megami Tensei comes to Game Boy Color
01.26.99 EB World offers leftover gold Zeldas
01.26.99 Monster Rancher marketing blitz hits Japan
01.25.99 FF VIII pre-orders top one million
01.25.99 Grandia II goes two-player
01.24.99 Shen Mue to include mini-games
01.24.99 Hybrid Heaven delayed to May
01.24.99 Nintendo announces new addition to Fire Emblem series
01.24.99 Legend of the River King 64 delayed
01.24.99 Harvest Moon comes to Nintendo 64
01.23.99 Climax Entertainment denies delay
01.22.99 Show support for RPG Maker
01.22.99 English Shen Mue to be subbed
01.21.99 Final Fantasy VIII mod-chip proof?
01.21.99 RPG Maker back on track?
01.21.99 Nintendo announces Pokémon Silver and Gold
01.21.99 UmJammy Lammy confirmed for North American release
01.20.99 Climax UK announces Dreamcast RPG
01.19.99 Ehrgeiz U.S.-bound
01.19.99 Final Fantasy Collection extravaganza
01.19.99 Square set for sequel announcement?
01.19.99 Climax Landers mimics Working Designs
01.18.99 EB World amends Lunar release date... again
01.17.99 Evolution scores high
01.17.99 Final Fantasy VIII shuns treasure
01.13.99 Final Fantasy VIII's PocketStation title named: Odekake Chocobo RPG
01.13.99 Climax Landers gameplay and VMS details
01.13.99 Final Fantasy Collection CD, clock photos
01.13.99 Final Fantasy VI for PSX commercial
01.08.99 Metal Gear maintains solid sales
01.07.99 Square readies Final Fantasy Collection
01.07.99 EB World amends Lunar release date
01.07.99 Zelda sequel in the works?
01.07.99 Unjammer Lami shows her face
01.07.99 Next Generation interviews Hironobu Sakaguchi
01.07.99 Too Human teaser
01.06.99 New staff announcement
01.06.99 THQ announces NomenQuest
01.06.99 Square hires Hong Kong pop star for FF VIII
01.06.99 Climax Landers delayed
01.05.99 FF VII characters' ending movie and more from Ehrgeiz
01.05.99 Commercial PSX emulator confirmed
01.04.99 Commercial PlayStation emulator to debut for the Mac?
01.03.99 FF VIII reservations reach 500,000 in one week
01.01.99 Ogre Battle 3 delayed
01.01.99 Happy New Year's
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