Nintendo announces Pokémon Silver and Gold

[01.21.99] » They came to collect / Silver and Gold (Pokémon!) Gotta catch 'em all -- again! Gotta add new features! Gotta buy a Game Boy Color!

   In a move surprising absolutely no one, Nintendo has announced a sequel (or two, depending on your point of view) to their most successful title ever, Pokémon. Pokémon Silver and Gold will be released in Japan this March for the Game Boy Color. Naturally, the games will be in full color, but will be backwards compatible with older Game Boys (so as not to alienate the 10 million or so current Pokéfans).

   Worried that your complete Pokédex is now worthless? Fear not! Knowing that more children have invested more time in collecting Pokémon than preparing for their post-grammar school careers, in fact more than any activity in the history of mankind, Nintendo has wisely allowed gamers to import their current Pokémon collection to the new titles. 100 new monsters and 200 new abilities await the meticulous collector. Old creatures can even evolve to newly available forms.

   In an attempt to corner the teenage market, Pokémon now have sex. (Either Male or Female -- what were you thinking?). Breed them to get cute little Pokébabies. Day and night cycles affect your ability to fight; some pets lose their pep at certain times of day. The battle mode has been totally revamped, but more importantly you now have a skateboard instead of a bicycle. The ramifications of this transportation modal shift have yet to be completely ascertained, but we're betting Nintendo calls it the "Radical Rolling Plank Movement System." Count on the GIA to bring you the latest Pokénews!

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Pokémon Silver and Gold
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