Square readies Final Fantasy Collection

[01.07.99] » With FFIV, FFV and FFVI on board, a deluxe compilation of hits is scheduled for a Japanese release.

   The latest Famitsu Weekly in Japan contains an announcement and review of "Final Fantasy Collection," a three-CD PlayStation compilation of Super Famicom hits Final Fantasy IV, V and VI from Squaresoft planned to be released on March 11. As with the previous re-releases for the Sony PlayStation, the games themselves remain identical, with the exception of CG scenes being thrown in at the beginnings and endings. Special illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano adorn the three CDs. A group of six reviewers for Famitsu gave the collection a collective 54 out of 60, with two awarding a perfect score of 10.

   Further information about the Final Fantasy Collection seems to be conflicting. Videogames.com reports that 5000 copies will be released as a limited edition in a special case, while IGNPSX says that 50,000 versions of the set will include an alarm clock designed in a Final Fantasy-esque style. Though multiple "special edition" type of promotions are rare, it could be that the stories are more than crossed wires. Additionally, IGNPSX remarks that a version of Final Fantasy VI sold only at convinience stores (presumably Square's DigiCube chain) will come on a CD with Kefka artwork. Though not explicitly stated, it can most likely be assumed that this version of Final Fantasy VI is sold separately from the collection, allowing owners of the first two re-releases to purchase the third without scrounging enough cash to buy the full set.

   A North American release has yet to be announced, despite some rumors we've heard recently from reliable sources.

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