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May 1999
05.30.99 New Final Fantasy VIII release date?
05.30.99 Dewprism storyline info (spoiler)
05.29.99 Shadow Madness released
05.28.99 Lunar: SSS demo bug
05.28.99 Completely unprecedented Lunar: SSS delay
05.27.99 Lunar: Silver Star Story released
05.26.99 Sakura Wars announced for GBC
05.26.99 Square announces Dew Prism
05.26.99 Lunar 3 development, US release
05.25.99 Yoshitaka Amano designing secret Dreamcast title
05.24.99 New Final Fantasy revealed
05.21.99 Detonator Gauntlet screens and info
05.21.99 Wild Arms 2 in development
05.21.99 Lunar II screen shots
05.19.99 Working Designs' Detonator Gauntlet movies and box artwork
05.19.99 E3: Super Mario RPG 2 resurfaces
05.19.99 Lunar release date
05.18.99 E3: Working Designs' mystery RPG update
05.18.99 E3: 3 new Castlevania: Resurrection shots
05.18.99 E3: Castlevania: Resurrection game details and screenshots
05.17.99 E3: Lufia III officially switched to Game Boy Color
05.16.99 E3: Jade Cocoon 2 all-but-confirmed
05.16.99 E3: Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions impressions
05.16.99 E3: Beatmania totally rules
05.16.99 E3: Vandal Hearts II impressions
05.16.99 E3: Suikoden II impressions
05.16.99 E3: Soul of the Samurai impressions
05.16.99 E3: Too Human publisher, impressions
05.15.99 E3: Dragon Valor flying to North America
05.15.99 E3: Hybrid Heaven impressions
05.15.99 E3: Silent Hill PSX 2 demo, CG from Episode 1 at Sony party
05.15.99 E3: Detonator Gauntlet introduced
05.15.99 E3: Omikron impressions
05.15.99 E3: Capcom's raptors crash into E3
05.15.99 E3: Revelations: The Demon Slayer impressions
05.14.99 E3: Syphon Filter 2 in development
05.14.99 E3: Activision grabs Blue Stinger
05.14.99 E3: Ecco returns
05.14.99 E3: Azure Dreams for GBC confirmed for U.S. release
05.14.99 E3: Thousand Arms armed and ready
05.14.99 E3: Kemco displays Shadowgate 64, drops Shadowgate Rising
05.14.99 E3: FF Anthology to include soundtrack CD
05.14.99 E3: Parasite Eve 2 trailer
05.14.99 E3: Jade Cocoon impressions
05.14.99 E3: Shadow Madness impressions
05.14.99 E3: Nintendo, Blockbuster ink PokéSnap deal
05.13.99 E3: Tomba 2 announced
05.13.99 E3: Lufia III downsized?
05.13.99 E3: Tenchu spawns a sequel
05.13.99 E3: No Metal Gear Solid for N64 or Dreamcast
05.13.99 E3: Climax Landers to reach U.S. by year's end
05.13.99 E3: U.S. Dreamcast to include modem
05.13.99 E3: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue details and impressions
05.13.99 E3: Final Fantasy VIII English shown
05.13.99 E3: Final Fantasy VIII PC revealed
05.13.99 E3: Parasite Eve II trailer shown
05.13.99 E3: Working Designs expands Lunar franchise
05.13.99 Dreamcast Europe to include free Internet access
05.13.99 E3: No Slayers II for E3
05.12.99 Atlus picks up Tail Concerto
05.12.99 D returns at E3
05.12.99 Nintendo announces Next Generation system
05.11.99 Lunar: Eternal Blue, Slayers 2 at E3?
05.11.99 Grandia to appear at E3
05.10.99 Konami announces Castlevania Special Edition info
05.10.99 Hybrid Heaven delayed
05.10.99 Metal Gear Solid Integral renamed
05.10.99 Final Fantasy VIII and SaGa Frontier 2 announced for European release
05.10.99 Dragon Quest VII delayed (again)
05.10.99 Final Fantasy VIII announced for PC release
05.07.99 Discussion Forum enters public beta test
05.06.99 Monster Rancher 2 confirmed for U.S. release
05.06.99 Breath of Fire IV in development?
05.05.99 Too Human revealed
05.05.99 Shen Mue story info (spoiler)
05.04.99 Vandal Hearts 2 confirmed for E3
05.04.99 Shen Mue gameplay information
05.04.99 Crystalis confirmed for Game Boy Color
05.03.99 First Resident Evil: Nemesis shots
05.01.99 Lunar completes approval
05.01.99 Dragon Quest VII delayed
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