Wild Arms 2 in development

[05.21.99] » First details, screen shots, and artwork from Sony's sequel to one of the PlayStation's first RPGs.

   While strong rumors of its development have floated around the Internet community for several weeks, Sony of Japan has only now finally confirmed that its in-house development team Contrail (previously known as Media Vision) is working on a sequel to Wild Arms, titled "Wild Arms 2nd Ignition." The game will use a 3D polygonal engine both in and outside of battle, unlike the battle-only polygons of Wild Arms. Additionally, within battle, the quality of 3D character models will be boosted to a more realistic artistic style -- while initial screen shots (available below) appear to have a strong anime influence, "super-deformed" characters will likely not be used.

   Players, once again, can choose between three different characters when starting the game: Ashley, Riruka, and Brad. All three seem to parallel the three characters of Wild Arms -- Ashley resembles Rudy and appears to be an ARMs master, Riruka is almost undoubtably a magic user like Cecilia, and Brad has a tough, dangerous air about his large frame, similar to Jack. (Much to the disappointment of the GIA, no Hanpan clone has been revealed.) No indication has yet been given whether or not Wild Arms 2 takes place within the same world as the first title, though the chances seem rather high.

   Wild Arms 2nd Ignition will be released this fall in Japan for the PlayStation, spread out over 2 CDs. Given Sony's recent commitment to RPGs, and the success of the first Wild Arms, a North American release is almost undoubtably assured.

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