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February 1999
02.28.99 Lunar: SSS adds two-player support
02.28.99 Sony's PlayStation 2 unveiled
02.28.99 New Monster Rancher 2 gameplay info
02.27.99 Thousand Arms delayed
02.27.99 Glitch found in Final Fantasy VIII
02.25.99 Guardian's Crusade released
02.25.99 Seiken Densetsu 4 more than rumor?
02.25.99 More Persona 2 details
02.24.99 U.S. Final Fantasy VIII release date
02.23.99 Atlus considering U.S. Persona 2
02.23.99 Zelda 64 ocarinas available
02.22.99 Final Fantasy VI PSX extras
02.20.99 Interviews with Nobuo Uematsu, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Yu Suzuki
02.19.99 Legaia release date?
02.19.99 Final Fantasy Collection still U.S. bound
02.19.99 Anachronox Dreamcast future uncertain
02.19.99 FF Collection coming to the US
02.18.99 Lunar 2: EB set for Japanese PSX release
02.18.99 Anachronox announced for Dreamcast
02.17.99 Dragon Quest goes portable
02.16.99 Final Fantasy VIII US release date?
02.16.99 Dragon Quest VII delayed until fall
02.16.99 PlayStation 2 CPU revealed?
02.16.99 Shen Mue to be playable at Tokyo Game Show
02.15.99 Unofficial FF VIII translation available
02.15.99 FF VIII pushes past 2.5 million
02.12.99 ASCII introduces new RPG
02.12.99 FF VIII GameShark code improvement
02.11.99 FF VIII GameShark codes discovered
02.11.99 FF VIII mod-chip scheme confirmed
02.09.99 Sony exorcises Soul Hackers
02.09.99 FF VIII mod-chip confusion
02.08.99 Guardian's Crusade pushed up
02.08.99 Final Fantasy VIII mod-chip safe
02.08.99 Official Dreamcast release date set
02.08.99 FF VIII breaks two million
02.05.99 Final Fantasy Movie production details
02.05.99 Grandia confirmed for US PSX release (again)
02.03.99 UmJammer Lammy release date
02.03.99 Japanese FF VIII reviews
02.03.99 Atlus fuses a new Persona
02.02.99 Faye Wong FFVIII lyrics
02.02.99 Lufia III resumes development
02.02.99 New Shen Mue battle system
02.01.99 Final Fantasy VIII demo changes
02.01.99 Harvest Moon 2 release date
02.01.99 Madonna to make Parasite Eve movie?
02.01.99 SaGa Frontier 2 game details
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