Atlus considering U.S. Persona 2

[02.23.99] » Sony's cancellation of Soul Hackers won't necessarily keep Atlus from trying to release the next Megami Tensei game.

   After Atlus's Soul Hackers failed to make it through SCEA's approval process, many assumed that the newest game in the Megami Tensei series, Persona 2, would meet a similar fate. Fans of the series will be glad to hear that its future might be brighter than that -- Atlus said it is "currently evaluating" whether to translate Persona 2. While far from a confirmation, it certainly makes a North American release more likely than a flat-out denial would have.

   Even should Atlus decide to translate Persona 2, it must still get the game past the approval process that nixed Soul Hackers. Right now, Persona 2 seems to have somewhat better chances that Soul Hackers did in that department, considering that the original Revelations: Persona sold decently. However, it's too really early to make predictions, so Megami Tensei will just have to keep their fingers crossed for now.

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Persona 2
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