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[02.25.99] » Igor returns to duty in the Velvet Room; new battle feature announced.

   A few more characters have stepped into the Persona 2 spotlight: Joining main character Tatsuya Suo as playable characters are classmates Yukino and Kimiko, and returning to his Persona-fusing role is the illustrious Igor, owner of the Velvet Room. As in Persona 1, the Velvet Room is the only location where you can create new Personas -- but, fortunately, a Velvet Room is located in most dungeon and town areas.

   While Igor and the Velvet Room may be returning, none of the party members from the first game will -- at least not as playable characters. They may put in an appearance somewhere in the game, but they will not actually join you.

   In addition to the story details, one new gameplay feature was revealed: the ability to wield combination magic in battle. By having your entire party use their Personas together, you can unleash attacks far stronger than a single character could perform.

   For a better look at the new characters, feast your eyes upon three new screenshots.

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