Final Fantasy VI PSX extras

[02.22.99] » Square's Final Fantasy VI PSX remake will include an assortment of extras, such as an in-depth development gallery, character stats, and various comprehensive strategy guides.

Three main extras to choose from

   Square of Japan has announced a series of special extras included within the upcoming Final Fantasy VI remake for the PlayStation. Apart from CG sequences injected throughout the game (in addition to intro and ending movies), Final Fantasy VI for PSX will include a unique Omake (extra) mode. Players have the option of choosing from a menu to view images and screens from a development gallery, assorted character info, or a series of dictionaries and guides. (Screens available below)

   The development gallery offers a glimpse at behind-the-scenes development on Final Fantasy VI's PlayStation additions, with high-resolution images of character renders, monster models, and scans of CG storyboard sketches. For example, several screens portray Terra and Celes in various poses (even coloring Celes in four different shades of opera attire), and other images present rough sketches of the game's opening CG movie.

   The second option has an old man who fills you in on various statistics concerning your characters. You can find out the total time played, the amount of steps you've taken, how much gold you've obtained, and how often you used each character, all in comparison to other games saved.

   Finally, the last option, the "Secret Room," offers a series of guides and assorted information on Final Fantasy VI. A comprehensive monster dictionary has stats such as HP, levels, experience, and more on all of the world's creatures. The Esper guide contains information on all collectable Espers, while a coliseum guide and a blue magic listing assist players with strategies.

   Not all of these special features are available from the start, though -- the development gallery and the monster dictionary are the only two options available at first. Only once the game is completed do all the other options open up for perusal. On the whole, the extras mirror many of the features found in "Final Fantasy VII International," released in Japan after the US FF VII version. The 4 disc set contained strategy guides, materia lists, development screens, and additions such as two Weapons previously only included in the English port.

   The special extras will be available in both the stand-alone Final Fantasy VI and in the Final Fantasy Collection, also both due out in Japan on March 11. We've included a screen shot of the Final Fantasy Collection packaging below. While unofficially confirmed, a release date for the English collection is not yet available.

   Previous screen shots from the Final Fantasy Collection can be found here. A huge thank-you is extended to Yasu "Nuku-Nuku" Ikehara for much of the translated info.

Development gallery
Character info
"Secret Room"
Final Fantasy Collection packaging

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