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August 2000
08.31.00 Rhapsody 3 screens, release date surface
08.30.00 Sega of Japan to release 3D adventure creation title
08.30.00 Chrono Cross #1 selling game in America
08.30.00 More Color WonderSwan details
08.29.00 Bandai announces Color WonderSwan
08.29.00 announces Dance Dance Revolution deluxe pad
08.29.00 Dragon Warrior I+II gets release date
08.29.00 Shadow of Memories to be playable at ECTS
08.29.00 Dragon Quest VII breaks 2 million sales
08.29.00 Miyamoto interview translation
08.28.00 Square launches Parasite Eve II contest
08.28.00 Warner picks up third Pokémon movie for American release
08.28.00 Square considers joining NASDAQ
08.28.00 Spaceworld release dates
08.28.00 Nintendo begins cross-country Pokémon tour
08.26.00 Spaceworld 2000: Miyamoto interview
08.26.00 Grandia: Parallel Trippers confirmed for Game Boy Color
08.26.00 Tactics Ogre Gaiden announced for Game Boy Advance
08.26.00 Spaceworld 2000: Game Boy Advance hands-on impressions
08.26.00 Pokémon Stadium 2 expands
08.26.00 Pokémon Crystal to be net-enhanced
08.26.00 Dragon Quest VII ships in Japan
08.24.00 Spaceworld hardware photo gallery
08.24.00 Spaceworld hardware photo gallery
08.24.00 Silent Hill GBA to contain FMV opening
08.24.00 Castlevania and Fire Emblem confirmed for Game Boy Advance
08.24.00 Pokémon Crystal announced
08.24.00 Game Cube technology demo screenshots
08.24.00 Nintendo officially announces Game Cube
08.24.00 Nintendo sets Game Boy Advance price, U.S. and Japanese release date
08.23.00 Star Ocean: Blue Sphere in limbo
08.23.00 Pokémon Puzzle League delayed
08.23.00 First pictures of Game Boy Advance hardware
08.22.00 Game Boy Advance specifications revealed
08.22.00 Konami revealed Silent Hill GBA details
08.22.00 Pokémon Gold & Silver presell details
08.22.00 Mother 3 cancelled
08.21.00 Samba de Amigo maracas to be produced in limited quantities?
08.17.00 Metal Gear Solid PC website launches
08.17.00 Tales of Eternia receives release date and Limited Edition
08.17.00 Samba de Amigo, maracas controllers get prices
08.16.00 Grandia: Parallel Trippers jumps ship to the Game Boy Advance
08.16.00 Grandia II sells 100,000 first week
08.16.00 NASA uses videogames to improve health
08.16.00 Legend of Dragoon figures revealed
08.16.00 Sega launches official Phantasy Star Online website
08.16.00 Rhapsody 3 announced for PlayStation 2
08.16.00 Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack gets Limited Edition treatment
08.16.00 Working Designs announces first two PS2 titles
08.16.00 Mario Story gets rated
08.16.00 Sega tries their hand at survival horror
08.16.00 Eternal Arcadia meets another delay
08.16.00 Namco reveals Seven
08.16.00 Square Millennium Volume 3 extras announced
08.16.00 Tales of Eternia gets a date
08.16.00 Ogre Battle 64 to ship in limited supplies
08.16.00 Space Channel 5 and Legend of Dragoon action figures announced
08.16.00 Square to show English Final Fantasy IX in September
08.16.00 El Dorado Gate gets date
08.16.00 Konami announces ECTS plans
08.16.00 Konami releases Deluxe Dance Dance Revolution Controller
08.16.00 Atlus launches U.S. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment website
08.16.00 Final Fantasy IX music single available
08.16.00 Eternal Darkness delayed
08.16.00 Konami sets date for Zone of Enders
08.16.00 Final Fantasy I, II, III Wonderswan-bound
08.16.00 EA planning Harry Potter RPG?
08.16.00 Final Fantasy Movie inspires "mainstream" digital actress
08.16.00 Irrational Games talks about The Lost
08.15.00 Ulala appears at MTV Awards
08.15.00 Dance Dance Revolution U.S bound
08.15.00 Enix announces Bust-a-Move: Dance Summit 2001 for PlayStation 2
08.11.00 Atlus launches Ogre Battle 64 contest
08.10.00 Enix relaunches website
08.10.00 Ion Storm announces Thief III for PS2
08.09.00 Sega drops Illbleed
08.08.00 Release date mania!
08.03.00 Release date mania!
08.03.00 Working Designs delays Lunar 2, Arc the Lad Collection; announces PS2 launch title
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