Eternal Arcadia meets another delay

[08.16.00] » ...and the name of the delay is @barai.

    Sega announced recently that their highly-anticipated Dreamcast RPG, Eternal Arcadia (Skies of Arcadia in North America), has met with yet another delay. Unlike most delays, though, this one is not the fault of the game's staff, but Sega's new Japanese-only try-before-you-buy system, @barai. @barai lets Japanese gamers order limited versions of games online for 1000 yen, with the option of paying the rest of the retail price to open up the rest of the game if they so desire. Eternal Arcadia will be the first game to use the system, so Sega pushed back the release date to prepare the new @barai technology.

    Eternal Arcadia is set for release in Japan on October 5 in small (1000 yen @barai version), regular (6800 yen regular release) and super-size (9800 yen deluxe box) versions. The game's English counterpart, Skies of Arcadia, is still on track for a November 23 release.

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