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May 2000
05.31.00 Resident Evil Zero moving to Dolphin?
05.31.00 Atlus announces new Dreamcast RPG
05.31.00 Sequels to Kessen announced
05.31.00 Konami confirms two new Suikoden titles in the works
05.31.00 Day of Walpurgis renamed
05.30.00 Final Fantasy IX card game details
05.30.00 Irrational Games announces The Lost
05.30.00 Delving into Final Fantasy IX's Alexandria
05.30.00 Delving into Final Fantasy IX's Alexandria
05.29.00 Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy IX European release update
05.27.00 Final Fantasy IX: First in-depth story and system information
05.27.00 Monster Rancher Battle Card to hit PlayStation
05.27.00 Dolphin Zelda at Space World?
05.26.00 Zone of Enders story information
05.26.00 Soul Reaver II phases to PlayStation 2
05.26.00 Crave announces Galerians 2 for PS2
05.26.00 Miyamoto hints at changes for U.S. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
05.26.00 Metal Gear Solid 2 AI details
05.26.00 Legend of Mana release date moved up
05.26.00 Grandia II gets a Japanese release date
05.26.00 Final Fantasy IX: First in-depth story and system information
05.25.00 Final Fantasy IX vocal artist revealed
05.25.00 Silent Hill 2 confirmed for PlayStation 2
05.23.00 Konami's Reiselied: Ephemeral Fantasia to support Guitar Freaks controller
05.19.00 Sony secures PlayStation 3 trademark
05.19.00 ChuChu Rocket free for European Dreamcast owners
05.19.00 System Shock 2 heading for the Dreamcast
05.19.00 Final Fantasy IX Japanese preorder details
05.18.00 E3: Eternal Darkness impressions
05.17.00 E3: Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain 2 impressions
05.17.00 Final Fantasy IX's release date moves forward
05.17.00 Vagrant Story released
05.17.00 E3: Silver impressions
05.17.00 E3: Dinosaur Planet impressions
05.17.00 E3: Hey You, Pikachu impressions and release info
05.17.00 E3: Threads of Fate impressions
05.16.00 E3: Eternal Arcadia impressions
05.16.00 E3: Bust a Move 4 impressions
05.16.00 E3: Zelda: Majora's Mask impressions
05.16.00 E3: Persona 2: Innocent Sin may join Eternal Punishment
05.16.00 E3: Shen Mue impressions
05.16.00 E3: Samba de Amigo impressions
05.16.00 E3: Eternal Blade impressions
05.16.00 E3: Pokémon Puzzle League impressions
05.16.00 E3: Fear Effect: Retro Helix impressions
05.16.00 E3: Koudelka impressions
05.16.00 E3: Phantasy Star Online impressions
05.16.00 E3: Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare impressions
05.16.00 E3: Deus Ex impressions
05.16.00 E3: Vib Ribbon Europe impressions
05.16.00 E3: Dance Dance Revolution pads U.S. bound
05.15.00 Portable Playstation revealed
05.15.00 Square announces new Chocobo title for the Wonderswan
05.15.00 Square announces new Chocobo title for the Wonderswan
05.13.00 E3: Electronic Arts nabs Kessen for North American release
05.13.00 E3: Dark Cloud impressions
05.13.00 E3: Illbleed Impressions
05.13.00 E3: Arc the Lad Collection: Chapter 1 impressions
05.13.00 E3: Pokémon Gold and Silver impressions
05.13.00 E3: Lufia GBC receives another title, story change
05.13.00 E3: Rhapsody impressions
05.13.00 E3: Parasite Eve 2 impressions
05.13.00 E3: Evil Dead: Hail to the King impressions
05.12.00 E3: Chrono Cross impressions
05.12.00 E3: Sega clarifies Phantasy Star Online Worldwide release date
05.12.00 E3: Arc The Lad Collection expands
05.12.00 E3: Working Designs announces Punching Puppet Alex
05.12.00 E3: Name changes for Reiselied, Day of Walpurgis
05.12.00 E3: Breath of Fire IV, Dino Crisis 2, Resident Evil Zero, and Onimusha impressions
05.12.00 E3: Valkyrie Profile impressions
05.12.00 E3: Dragon Quest VII impressions
05.12.00 E3: Bust-a-Groove 2 impressions
05.12.00 E3: PlayOnline commercial screenshots
05.12.00 E3: Dragon Warrior I & II impressions
05.12.00 E3: Squaresoft PlayOnline movie impressions
05.11.00 E3: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment impressions
05.11.00 E3: Kessen officially announced for U.S. release
05.11.00 E3: Phantasy Star Online delayed
05.11.00 E3: Sega reveals Shen Mue release date
05.11.00 Dragon Quest VII delayed...
05.11.00 E3: Sony confirms Dark Cloud for U.S. release
05.11.00 E3: Ubi Soft aquires rights to US Grandia 2, not Eidos
05.11.00 E3: Winback to be ported to PS2
05.11.00 E3: Kessen officially announced for U.S. release
05.10.00 E3: SNK announces Neo-Geo Pocket Color lineup
05.10.00 E3: Nintendo announces new release dates
05.10.00 E3: Metal Gear Solid 2 subtitle announced
05.10.00 E3: Super Mario Adventure retitled
05.10.00 E3: Persona 2 confirmed for US release
05.10.00 Eidos nabs Grandia 2 for U.S. release
05.10.00 GIA infilitrates E3
05.09.00 Reiselied U.S.-bound
05.08.00 Samba de Amigo confirmed for U.S. release
05.08.00 Eternal Arcadia U.S. release date
05.08.00 Final Fantasy IX disc size announced
05.08.00 Pokémon Gold and Silver catch release date
05.08.00 Metal Gear Solid PC-bound
05.08.00 More Dinosaur Planet artwork and MP3s
05.05.00 Silicon Knights becomes Nintendo exclusive
05.04.00 Atlus to announce new RPG translation at E3
05.04.00 Eidos announces E3 line-up
05.03.00 Wild Arms 2 mod-check bypass codes
05.02.00 Square's E3 lineup
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