E3: Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain 2 impressions

[05.17.00] » Wonder what happened to all that was cut from the original? Found it.

   Readers may remember that the storyline found in the original Soul Reaver was drastically altered last-second, leaving many questions unanswered as well as failing to tie up quite a few loose ends. Several bosses, items, and magical powers were also removed in the process, much to the chagrine of fans. Well, it would seem that this will all be taken care of thanks to Soul Reaver 2, which was shown in playable form at Eidos' booth. Players again take the role of Raziel, as he tracks down Kain to bring proper balance to the world of Nosgoth as well as to settle his own personal vendetta against the father who attempted to have him killed.

   The gameplay around which the title is based remains largely unchanged, and the graphical engine seems a tweaked version of the original. Also, Raziel returns with all of the abilities acquired throughout the first title already available to him. The puzzles on show were unique, although the machanics should still be familiar to anyone who's played the original Soul Reaver. One good example would be a puzzle in which large mirrors must be situated so as to reflect sunlight filtering in from the ceiling to be reflected onto the appropriate target. Something new to do, perhaps, but just another variation of the "push blocks into place" tasks seen before.

   However, there are some new additions that may serve to keep things fresh enough for fans. For example, time travel is as essential in tracking down Kain as warping between dimensions was and continues to be. An interesting gameplay fold, although it remains to be seen how this will come into play. Additionally, you'll also be dodging the attacks of vampire hunters, new forms of demons inhabting the spectral plane along with the assortment of vampire fiends who have it in for Raziel.

   From what was playable, Soul Reaver 2 seems essentially an updated version of its predecessor with a few new ideas thrown into the mix. Fans who are dying to know how the saga truly ends will undoubtedly be pleased, but if the original Soul Reaver didn't appeal to you much, there's absolutely nothing here to convince you otherwise.

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Soul Reaver: The Legacy of Kain 2
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