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March 1999
03.30.99 Story of Thor to be remade for Dreamcast
03.29.99 Star Ocean 2 officially announced
03.29.99 SaGa Frontier II rates highly
03.28.99 GIA gets new URL
03.26.99 Shadow Madness reservation update
03.24.99 More Lunar demo details released
03.24.99 Grandia, Star Ocean 2 US release dates
03.23.99 First Pokémon Stadium 2 screenshots
03.23.99 Evolution and Shen Mue in October?
03.22.99 TGS: Persona announced for PC release
03.22.99 TGS: Lunar 2 hits the PlayStation
03.22.99 TGS: The sights of the Tokyo Game Show
03.22.99 TGS: First Front Mission 3 screen shots
03.22.99 Um Jammer Lammy & Chocobo Racing GameShark codes
03.21.99 SaGa Frontier II storyline info (spoilers)
03.20.99 TGS: New VMS and PocketStation games
03.19.99 TGS: Shen Mue split into two games
03.19.99 TGS: Front Mission 3 announced
03.18.99 TGS: Shen Mue pushed back until August
03.18.99 Parasite Eve for PC
03.18.99 Arc the Lad III revealed
03.18.99 Square Star Wars RPG?
03.17.99 TGS: Grandia set for PSX release
03.17.99 TGS: Seiken Densetsu 4 confirmed
03.17.99 TGS: Arc the Lad III announced
03.17.99 TGS: Dragon Quest VII release date
03.17.99 Hybrid Heaven to support N64 RAM pak
03.17.99 Lunar and Shadow Madness demos soon available
03.16.99 Legend of Legaia ships
03.15.99 New Final Fantasy revealed?
03.15.99 Um Jammer Lammy reviews
03.13.99 Arc the Lad III?
03.13.99 Pokémon Stadium 2 info
03.12.99 More on FF VIII action figures
03.12.99 Another Star Ocean 2 confirmation
03.12.99 New Square RPG revealed
03.11.99 Final Fantasy Collection released
03.11.99 Pokémon movie coming to North America
03.10.99 Legend of the River King sunk
03.09.99 Final Fantasy VIII action figures
03.09.99 Slayers Royal 2 set for PSX remake
03.09.99 Suikoden II delayed to August
03.09.99 New Bust-a-Groove 2 gameplay system
03.07.99 Shadow Madness reservation offer
03.05.99 CGDA announces Spotlight nominees
03.05.99 Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack released
03.05.99 Shen Mue VMS release date
03.04.99 Last Bible headed for North America
03.03.99 Square on board for the ride
03.02.99 PSX2 in action
03.02.99 Official PSX 2 announcement, details
03.01.99 More PSX Lunar 2 additions
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