SaGa Frontier II storyline info

[03.21.99] » New details emerge on SaGa Frontier II's cast and plot. (Story spoiler warning in effect.)

   SaGa Frontier II is only a little over a week away from release in Japan, and the first concrete information about its plot has finally appeared: Initially, you play as Gustav, the oldest son of King Gustav XII and Queen Sophie de Nord. Once the crown prince, Gustav is later exiled from the kingdom as he is unable to learn magic by the age of seven. Such a failure is considered a dishonor to the whole family, and so young Gustav is sent away to another kingdom to live in exile.

   A possible antagonist has also emerged: Cantal, the Marquis of Oat. Cantal ascended to his position at sixteen after Gustav XII slew his father, and was later forced to marry Gustav's sister Marie, which cost Cantal half his land as dowry. Seeking revenge, Cantal begins to plot against Gustav's family.

   However, Gustav's story is just one of several scenarios that comprise the entire game. Later on, you'll take control of William Knights, a 15-year-old boy that works as a "Digger" mining kvell, a mysterious mineral essential to the use of magic. Several other main characters will also be used to round out the history of the kingdom, but their identities remain unknown.

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SaGa Frontier II
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