Grandia, Star Ocean 2 US release dates

[03.24.99] » Nationwide retailer Babbage's claims Sony has slated two of Japan's hottest RPGs for summer release dates.

   According to nationwide retailer Babbage's, both Grandia and Star Ocean 2 have been given North American release dates. Both games are to be published by SCEA, as unofficially confirmed in the past, with Star Ocean 2 being released first on June 15, 1999. Grandia will follow afterwards, finding its way onto store shelves on August 18, 1999. According to a Babagge's representative, the dates have come directly from Sony, and are not simply Babbage's estimates.

   In the past, Babagge's has held release dates for Xenogears and Legend of Legaia weeks before the games' official announcements, lending credence to the report. Unfortunately, SCEA was not available for comment regarding the new dates. For those not familiar with the games, Grandia and Star Ocean 2 are two critically acclaimed Japanese RPGs often praised as being two of the best titles the genre has to offer.

   Thanks to Brad Williams.

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