Data Feed
October 2001
10.31.01 Silent Hill 2 set to sell 1 million copies worldwide
10.30.01 Making of Metal Gear Solid 2 DVD to be offered in Japan
10.30.01 Development of Metal Gear Solid 2 concludes
10.30.01 Altus buys Career Soft
10.30.01 Parappa the Rapper 2 US release date set
10.28.01 Rumors of a new Castlevania title begin to solidify
10.28.01 Square releases WonderSwan Color Final Fantasy IV, Front Mission screenshots
10.27.01 Pikmin hands-on impressions
10.26.01 Rez Absolute Set limited to 500 copies
10.26.01 Additional Genma Onimusha details uncovered
10.24.01 New Xenosaga trailer released
10.24.01 Bleemcast Metal Gear Solid ready to ship
10.24.01 Square reveals yet more Final Fantasy XI details
10.24.01 Correction: Konami polling for new home version of DDR
10.24.01 PlayStation 2 Linux Kit coming to North America
10.24.01 Super Monkey Ball website opens
10.24.01 Shenmue: The Movie heads to DVD
10.23.01 Silent Hill 2 Xbox details
10.23.01 Konami continues North American DDR support
10.23.01 RPGMaker PS2 coming to the US?
10.20.01 Square reveals new Final Fantasy XI details
10.20.01 Atlus launches Tsugunai, Wizardry pages
10.19.01 Rez announced for American release
10.17.01 Soul Reaver 2 game disc to feature extra content
10.17.01 European Xbox launch details
10.16.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 still set for November release
10.15.01 TGS: Legaia: Duel Saga hands-on impressions
10.15.01 TGS: Grandia Xtreme impressions
10.15.01 TGS: PlayOnline and Final Fantasy XI impressions
10.15.01 TGS: Silent Hill 2 Xbox hands-on impressions
10.15.01 TGS: Space Channel 5 Part 2 impressions
10.15.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 TGS trailer released
10.14.01 TGS: Cozy Okada talks Shin Megami Tensei Online
10.14.01 TGS: Jet Set Radio Future hands-on impressions
10.14.01 TGS: Wild Arms Advanced 3rd hands-on impressions
10.14.01 TGS: Suikoden III hands-on impressions
10.14.01 TGS: Kingdom Hearts hands-on impressions
10.14.01 TGS: Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer and demo impressions
10.13.01 TGS: Rez Absolute Set details
10.13.01 TGS: New Phantasy Star Online GameCube details
10.13.01 TGS: PS2 Rez to support Trance Vibrator peripheral
10.13.01 TGS: Full Xenosaga impressions
10.13.01 TGS: Legaia: Duel Saga trailer
10.12.01 TGS: Koei press conference details
10.12.01 TGS: Wild Arms Advanced 3rd opening movie
10.12.01 TGS: Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time impressions
10.12.01 TGS: Growlanser III impressions
10.12.01 TGS: Sega announces yet more ports
10.12.01 TGS: Shenmue II announced for Xbox, US Dreamcast version cancelled
10.12.01 TGS: Final Fantasy IV coming to WonderSwan Color
10.12.01 TGS: Snap Kids screenshots
10.11.01 TGS: Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack details, new screens
10.11.01 TGS: Enix lineup announced
10.11.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 website launches
10.11.01 More Space Channel 5 Part 2 information, screenshots
10.11.01 Space Channel 5 Part 2 revealed
10.10.01 New Metal Gear Solid 2 details
10.10.01 New Shining game in the works for Gameboy Advance
10.10.01 More on the Sony / Square deal
10.10.01 New GameCube release dates
10.10.01 Atlus reveals Tokyo Game Show line up
10.09.01 Capcom reveals new Breath of Fire II character artwork
10.09.01 Sony buys 19% stake in Square
10.09.01 Suikoden III gets Japanese release date
10.06.01 Final Fantasy: Unlimited opening and ending movies
10.06.01 Atlus officially announces Tsugunai, Wizardry for U.S. release
10.05.01 Dragon Warrior VII update
10.04.01 Spring 2002 Tokyo Game Show canceled
10.04.01 Golden Sun release date set
10.04.01 More Grandia Xtreme shots, details
10.03.01 Correction: Sequel to Saiyuki not in the works
10.03.01 New Grandia Xtreme information
10.03.01 Sakaguchi announces new Final Fantasy game series
10.02.01 Square ceases its film operations
10.02.01 GIA T-Shirts available for preorder
10.02.01 Enix reveals Tokyo Game Show plans
10.02.01 Suikoden III confirmed for US release
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