Rez Absolute Set limited to 500 copies

[10.24.01] » And they're only going to be sold at one chain.

    Sega announced today that the limited edition Absolute Set would be limited to only 500 copies. In addition, the 12,800 yen set will only be available at the Japanese retail/rental chain Tsutaya. As previously shown, the set will include not only the Rez game and the Trance Vibrator perhipheral, but also an assortment of other Rez-branded merchandise including headphones, a T-shirt, and eyedrops.

    Given the extremely limited nature of the set, those interested in importing it should make a friend in Japan very quickly, as it is doubtful that normal North American importers will be able to get ahold of the set. Rez ships to Japanese stores on November 22. A North American PS2 release has recently announced, and is set for January 2002.

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