Super Monkey Ball website opens

[10.24.01] » Sega blesses gamers with a contest, a mini-game, and lots of monkeys.

    Sega recently let loose the Super Monkey Ball website, giving gamers a chance to not only win a Gamecube, three controllers, and copy of the game via the Monkey Contest, but give it a try via a Shockwave mini-game. Entitled Super Monkey Ball Mini, the mini-game contains 10 levels and gives players a fairly accurate feel for what the game will actually play like. Dial-up users may find a few glitches in the game, but simply closing the game window and re-clicking on the link should solve those problems.

    Super Monkey Ball is due out on Nov. 18th alongside the GameCube system. Those who simply can't wait for the monkey-fun can import the Japanese version now.

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Super Monkey Ball
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