TGS: Shenmue II announced for Xbox, US Dreamcast version cancelled

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   In the days leading up to the Fall Tokyo Game Show, rumors were circulating that Sega would have some sort of announcement that would please some but infuriate longtime fans of the company. It seems this time the rumors were true: Sega has announced new support for the Xbox in the form of Shenmue II.

   So what's the infuriating part? Microsoft also revealed that it has secured the sole American publishing rights for Shenmue II, meaning the the US Dreamcast version of the game, due out before the end of the year, has been officially canceled. However, this doesn't mean the game will never appear in English on the DC -- no mention has been made of the European publishing rights and the Euro version of the game is likely still on track.

   No details were given on what to expect from the port, but the sole US version of Shenmue II should be ready for release sometime in 2002.

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Shenmue II
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