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January 2000
01.31.00 Fear Effect 2?
01.31.00 Working Designs tunes up Arc the Lad Collection
01.31.00 Maken X in spring
01.30.00 More Grandia II story and character info
01.29.00 Square Millennium update: Final Fantasy X online details
01.29.00 More on Evolution NGPC
01.29.00 Square Millennium update: "Play Online" network
01.29.00 Final Fantasy IX, X details
01.28.00 Chu Chu Rocket release date
01.28.00 Square developing Silent Chaos
01.28.00 Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve II, Final Fantasy IX release dates
01.29.00 Dewprism retitled
01.28.00 Ogre Battle; Legend of the Zenobia Prince delayed
01.27.00 100 best selling games of 1999
01.27.00 Soul Reaver DC ships
01.27.00 Full Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections tracklist
01.27.00 More on Square Millennium
01.27.00 Eidos announces Fear Effect freebies
01.27.00 Final Fantasy IV announced for WonderSwan
01.26.00 Working Designs to bring Arc the Lad Collection to U.S.
01.26.00 Dragon Quest VII delayed until end of May
01.26.00 More on Sorcerian DC
01.26.00 Mother 3 release date?
01.26.00 Stalkers need more Time
01.26.00 Eidos to release Resident Evil: Code Veronica in PAL regions
01.26.00 Grandia II character details
01.26.00 In-depth Growlanser impressions
01.25.00 New Metal Gear: Ghost Babel mission and gameplay information
01.25.00 Falcom announces Sorcerian for Dreamcast
01.25.00 Famitsu rates new adventure releases
01.25.00 Star Ocean for GBC to be new game
01.24.00 Eternal Ring goes DVD
01.24.00 Wild Arms 2, Legend of Dragoon confirmed for U.S. release
01.20.00 Persona 2 US release update
01.20.00 Atlus' "Mystery RPG" revealed as Rhapsody
01.19.00 Atlus adds mystery PlayStation RPG to release schedule
01.18.00 Dragon Warrior Monsters, Soul Reaver to ship next week
01.18.00 D2 to be changed for American release
01.18.00 Metal Gear: Ghost Babel gets Japanese release date
01.16.00 Pokémon: The First Movie DVD details
01.16.00 Grandia II in 2000
01.13.00 Space Channel 5's Ulala to get TV show?
01.13.00 Zelda GBC titles get accelerated release schedule
01.13.00 Nintendo announces Pokémon attack
01.13.00 Pikachu Genki de Chu officially announced for US release
01.13.00 New Resident Evil game for N64
01.13.00 More Waiting for Seaman?
01.10.00 Alundra 2 US changes
01.10.00 Pokémon fails to make math fun
01.10.00 Chu-Chu Rocket set for European release
01.10.00 Alundra 2 US changes
01.07.00 Omikron Dreamcast port announced
01.07.00 Lufia: Ruins Chaser delayed until fall
01.07.00 Evil Dead release date and platforms confirmed
01.06.00 Square releases Chocobo World for PC
01.04.00 Working Designs release date update
01.04.00 Deception III acquires U.S. title
01.04.00 Pokémon Stadium 3 on the way
01.04.00 Zelda Gaiden receives official title
01.04.00 Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections tracklist
01.03.00 Palisades signs deal for Front Mission 3 toys
01.01.00 Brigandine 2 announced
01.01.00 Shen Mue impressions
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