Persona 2 US release update

[01.20.00] » Long-rumored to be shunned from a North American release, Atlus' latest RPG in the Megami Tensei series may reach US shores after all.

   Unbeknownst to most English-speaking RPG enthusiasts, one of the most successful RPG series over in Japan is Megami Tensei. With dark, moody environments and "demons" as foes, the series has a decidedly "harder edge" than conventional role-playing titles. Only a handful, however, have ever made it over to North America -- Persona, one of the PlayStation's first US RPGs, and Revelations: Demon Slayer for Game Boy Color. When Persona 2 was announced for the PlayStation last year, the prospect of a US release seemed slim -- the Megami Tensei title Soul Hackers had already been nixed for US audiences. Little was heard about the title during future months, and most assumed the game had suffered the same fate.

   Now, it appears the game may have a future in North America after all. Atlus today confirmed that Persona 2 is under "consideration" for an English localization, and the outlook is positive. Given the precedent set by Persona, it's likely that the sequel will find a market as the PlayStation nears the end of its lifespan. We'll have the final word as soon as it becomes available -- until then, be sure to read up on Persona 2 in the GIA's preview.

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Persona 2
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