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July 1999
07.31.99 Electronics Boutique offers FF VIII maps
07.31.99 Six new GBC Zelda titles in the works
07.29.99 Eidos prepares Soul Reaver promotions
07.29.99 Evolution 2 screenshots
07.29.99 First Breath of Fire IV screens
07.29.99 Gamers snap up Pokémon Snap
07.29.99 Legend of Mana is no secret
07.28.99 Omikron PSX canceled
07.28.99 New Shen Mue revelations
07.28.99 Evolution 2 in the works
07.28.99 Zelda Gaiden, Pokémon Gold and Silver at Space World
07.28.99 Breath of Fire IV announced
07.27.99 PaRappa, Lammy figures announced
07.27.99 Dino Crisis difficulty increases
07.26.99 Shen Mue Limited Edition planned in Japan
07.26.99 Dragon Quest VII to be unveiled in August
07.26.99 Climax Landers back on track
07.26.99 Atlus of Japan releases Nail More
07.24.99 Chrono Cross interview
07.24.99 Vagrant Story travelling to U.S.
07.22.99 Um Jammer Lammy censored for U.S. release
07.22.99 Original Parasite Eve film coming to America
07.22.99 Baroque coming to PlayStation
07.22.99 Echo Night ships
07.21.99 Sega developing Code Veronica
07.21.99 Pokémon rapidly taking over the world
07.21.99 Team Andromeda rises again
07.19.99 Demon Slayer delayed until August
07.16.99 Yasunori Mitsuda confirmed for Chrono Cross music
07.16.99 Thousand Arms packaging plans revealed
07.15.99 Square developing rhythm game
07.15.99 FF VIII PocketStation dilemma unraveled
07.14.99 Square's president comments on Project Dolphin
07.14.99 Legend of Mana mod chip protection codes
07.13.99 Three Square translations confirmed
07.12.99 Famitsu rates new RPG releases
07.12.99 Dino Crisis to include Resident Evil 3 demo
07.12.99 Jade Cocoon goes gold
07.09.99 Production IG signed for Wild Arms 2 anime
07.09.99 Resident Evil 3 Japanese release date
07.09.99 Soul Reaver delay official
07.09.99 First Chrono Cross details and screens
07.09.99 Don't cross off Chrono Cross yet
07.08.99 Pikachu Genki de Chu U.S. bound?
07.07.99 Metal Gear PC port solidifies
07.07.99 Growlanser backstory information
07.07.99 Vandal Hearts 2 mod chip protection codes
07.07.99 Wild Arms 2 Japanese release date
07.07.99 Square confirms Chrono Cross
07.07.99 Strategy RPG by former Quest staff announced
07.07.99 Pokémon "Training League" US mall tour
07.06.99 Final Fantasy VIII pre-sell campaign
07.02.99 Climax makes changes for US Blue Stinger
07.01.99 Vagrant Story ceases wanderings
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