Growlanser backstory information

[07.07.99] » Spoiler-free translation sets up Growlanser's plot.

   Atlus's recently-announced Growlanser features character designs by anime artist Satoshi Urushihara. Urushihara's official webpage, EarthWork, also includes a brief primer on the game's world.

   Long ago, a catastrophe of the sun provoked a virtual armageddon in the game's world, creating harsh conditions that few could survive. The surviving humans teamed up with winged people known as Fezarions, and combined their magical powers with the Fezarions' highly-developed science to create technology that allowed them to escape to another dimension.

   The new dimension, however, does not contain 'Growsey,' the source of all magical power. The only way to wield magic is through psychic power, far weaker than Growsey magic. Dependant on Growsey magic, the human civilization began to weaken. Sometimes, however, fluctuations in time and space brought the old dimension near to the new one, and tiny amounts of Growsey splashed over onto the new world. These times are referred to as 'Solar Eclipse' and 'Lunar Eclipse,' and children born during them can cast Growsey magic.

   The Growsey-endowed humans, known as Growsians, quickly rose to power with the aid of their magical weapons. Their control of ordinary people's lives, however, did not last long. Soon, an alien monster attacked the world, and only the combined magic of all the Growsians could defeat it. The monster then vanished, taking all the Growsians with it. Many years, at the time the game begins, people have forgotten about the Growsians and the alien being they fought.

   A big thanks to Eiji Takanaka for the translation.

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