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December 1998
12.27.98 G.I.A. to be unreachable
12.25.98 Square promises titles for next PlayStation
12.23.98 Atlus makes New Year resolutions
12.23.98 Sega unveils Shen Mue
12.22.98 Final Fantasy VIII's vehicles
12.22.98 Final Fantasy VI PSX remake adds more
12.22.98 Legend of Legaia gets official nod
12.22.98 More Final Fantasy VIII plot details
12.22.98 Pre-order Final Fantasy VIII already?
12.19.98 Sega's Team Andromeda disbanded
12.19.98 Final Fantasy VI CG screens
12.17.98 RPGs terrorize Japanese mainland
12.17.98 Sakaguchi speaks out on Final Fantasy
12.17.98 While we're busy investigating...
12.15.98 Legend of Legaia release date confusion
12.15.98 The Working Designs Mystery RPG is...
12.15.98 Lufia III demo music released
12.14.98 Star Ocean II joins RPG flood
12.13.98 Shen Mue takes to the 'net
12.12.98 Legend of Legaia shows off
12.11.98 Bust-a-Move 4 grooves onto shelves
12.11.98 Thousand Arms coming to North America
12.11.98 Master of Monsters : Disciples of Gaia ships
12.11.98 Magic Knight Rayearth finally arrives
12.10.98 We want you! We want you! We want you as a new recruit!
12.10.98 Magic Knight Delayearth
12.10.98 Roll Away rolls into stores
12.10.98 Final Fantasy VI to be re-released for PlayStation
12.10.98 64DD shows a dark side with Zelda
12.10.98 Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 includes extras
12.10.98 Sony's PocketStation pushed back a month
12.09.98 Bust-a-Move 3 delayed
12.08.98 Zelda marks a million
12.07.98 Atlus fights financial rumors
12.06.98 Final Fantasy VIII's Laguna, and more
12.04.98 Magic Knight Rayearth nears release
12.04.98 Delphine's Darkstone PSX bound?
12.04.98 Climax Landers delayed
12.04.98 Ehrgeiz's Final Fantasy VII characters revealed
12.03.98 Evolution delayed
12.03.98 Legend of Legaia set for US release?
12.03.98 The WonderSwan takes flight
12.02.98 Final Fantasy for Sony's next PlayStation?
12.01.98 Suzuki talks about Shen Mue
12.01.98 Mr. Domino ships
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