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April 1999
04.29.99 Shadow Madness pushed back
04.29.99 Lunar release date correction
04.28.99 Bubble Bobble ported to Game Boy Color
04.28.99 New PlayStation 2 information almost revealed
04.28.99 Legend of Mana to include action RPG demo disc
04.28.99 Shen Mue Chapter 2 set for December
04.28.99 Resident Evil passes Ogre Battle 3
04.28.99 Metal Gear Solid Integral to appear at E3
04.28.99 Evolution US release official?
04.27.99 Castlevania II playable at E3?
04.27.99 Soul Reaver release date, intro
04.26.99 Dino Crisis to include Resident Evil 3 demo?
04.26.99 Lunar: Silver Star Story demo impressions
04.26.99 GIA announces new staff, focus
04.25.99 Revelations: The Demon Slayer release date
04.23.99 Ted Woolsey chat transcript
04.23.99 Pokémon Stadium 2 will reach U.S.
04.22.99 Ted Woolsey chat at EB World
04.22.99 Final Fantasy for Wonderswan?
04.22.99 Ogre Battle 3 expands
04.22.99 Anachronox trailer released
04.21.99 Sony announces Legaia contest
04.20.99 Too Human characters revealed
04.17.99 Lunar: SSSC finishes development
04.17.99 More on Azure Dreams for Game Boy Color
04.16.99 Lunar: Silver Star Story demo ships
04.16.99 Persona 2 release date
04.15.99 Sega announces US Dreamcast plans
04.15.99 Anachronox not PSX bound
04.15.99 Vandal Hearts 2 resurfaces
04.13.99 Square Soft Announces Lineup for Electronic Entertainment Expo
04.13.99 Square EA announces E3 lineup
04.13.99 Koudelka and Azure Dreams go portable
04.08.99 Grandia in your pocket
04.08.99 Lunar demo pushed back
04.07.99 Metal Gear Solid upgraded
04.07.99 Mother 3 still alive?
04.07.99 Square announces 1999 release schedule
04.07.99 SaGa Frontier II GameShark codes
04.07.99 Soul Hackers scores big
04.05.99 Square announces internal restructuring
04.05.99 Lunar: Silver Star Story demo update
04.02.99 Final Fantasy Gaiden cancelled
04.01.99 Final Fantasy Gaiden revealed
04.01.99 Final Fantasy VII ported to Atari 2600
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