SaGa Frontier II GameShark codes

[04.07.99] » If you're looking to play Japan's SaGa Frontier 2 on a modded North American PlayStation, just input these GameShark codes.

   As with most recent big-name PlayStation releases in Japan, a new protection scheme is included in SaGa Fronter 2 which prevents the game from loading on any mod-chipped system. Thankfully, importers looking to play Square's latest on their modded North American system have only to input the following two codes in order for the game to function:

    D00DC7D6 1040
    800DC7D6 1000

   The code is designed to function on GameSharks version 2.3 or greater, although earlier versions may function as well. Thanks to secret-agent-at-large Jeremy Parish.

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SaGa Frontier II
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