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April 2001
04.30.01 Animal Forest coming to U.S.
04.26.01 Xenosaga coming to Japan in December
04.26.01 Pokémon Crystal release date set
04.26.01 Golden Sun delayed
04.26.01 Dragon Warrior VII translation really official now
04.26.01 Dark Cloud gets a release date
04.26.01 Dragon Warrior VII pretty much confirmed by this point
04.25.01 Wild Arms Advanced 3rd announced
04.24.01 Phantasy Star Online Version 2 on the way
04.24.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 media blackout begins
04.23.01 Square trademarks "Gummy Block"
04.23.01 Final Fantasy XI to include TetraMaster
04.23.01 Square, Namco, and Enix exchange 5% stakes in each other
04.21.01 Square hints at Disney RPG possibilities
04.20.01 Jade Cocoon II revealed
04.19.01 Sega developing for GameCube
04.19.01 Bomberman Tournament for Game Boy Advance finds US publisher
04.18.01 Yamauchi threatens to shelve GameCube launch
04.18.01 GameCube delayed
04.18.01 David Hayter to return for Metal Gear Solid 2
04.18.01 Sony signs as European Squaresoft publisher
04.17.01 Koei's E3 lineup detailed
04.17.01 Still more Final Fantasy X information
04.17.01 Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger confirmed for US release
04.17.01 More on Shenmue II
04.17.01 Final Fantasy XI to stay on PlayStation 2 and Windows
04.16.01 Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections re-released
04.16.01 Final Fantasy X release date, price announced for Japan
04.15.01 Dance Dance Revolution Disney's Rave U.S.-bound?
04.15.01 More Final Fantasy X character details
04.15.01 Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 pushed back
04.14.01 First look at Suikoden III
04.14.01 Two new Final Fantasy X characters revealed
04.13.01 First Harvest Moon PS2 details
04.13.01 Zone of the Enders soundtrack announced
04.13.01 Maken Shao receives Japanese release date
04.13.01 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Chu Chu Rocket box art unveiled
04.12.01 More Game Boy Wars Advance details
04.12.01 Capcom discusses upcoming titles
04.12.01 New PSO Ver. 2 details, game footage
04.11.01 Illbleed gets another new publisher
04.11.01 Dr. Mario 64 released
04.07.01 Devil May Cry hands-on impressions
04.07.01 Enix continues Dragon Quest VII teasers
04.06.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Two
04.04.01 Black & White console-bound
04.04.01 Growlanser PC port announced
04.04.01 Suikoden III gets release date
04.03.01 TGS: Additional Final Fantasy X details
04.02.01 Final Fantasy X trailer analysis
04.02.01 Truth stranger than fiction
04.01.01 Solid Snake entertains himself in Metal Gear Solid 2 demo
04.01.01 Paramilitary organization launches
04.01.01 Xenogears text-speed code
04.01.01 TGS: Harvest Moon heads to PS2
04.01.01 Datel announces Game Studio for PlayStation 2
04.01.01 Xenosaga logo revealed
04.01.01 Genso Suikoden Card Stories announced
04.01.01 TGS: Harvest Moon heads to PS2
04.01.01 TGS: First Xenosaga details
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