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December 2000
12.28.00 Phantasy Star Online US website goes live
12.27.00 Dragon Quest VII named top interactive digital art
12.27.00 Vivi dolls see commercial release
12.27.00 Sakura Taisen 3 release date
12.26.00 No Space Channel 5 sequel
12.23.00 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment hits retail
12.23.00 Pokémon Stadium, Snap join Player's Choice
12.23.00 Square unveils Final Fantasy X
12.21.00 Phantasy Star Online pushed back?
12.20.00 Sony to back Z.O.E?
12.20.00 Seaman PC-bound
12.20.00 Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 unveiled
12.20.00 Final Fantasy IX tops November sales chart
12.20.00 Devil May Cry demo with Code: Veronica?
12.19.00 Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger for North America?
12.19.00 Even more on Onimusha
12.18.00 Dragon Warrior merchandise coming to the US?
12.18.00 Square releases Christmas MP3
12.15.00 Z.O.E limited edition, anime details
12.14.00 Samba de Amigo ver 2000 track list unveiled
12.14.00 Sega slashes prices for the holidays
12.14.00 Final Fantasy II WonderSwan release date set
12.14.00 Shin Megami Tensei games bound for PSX
12.14.00 Final Skies of Arcadia VMU download released
12.13.00 Famitsu gives Phantasy Star Online platinum award
12.13.00 Capcom offers Mega Man Legends bundle
12.12.00 New Final Fantasy WonderSwan details
12.12.00 EA announces Xbox development
12.12.00 More details on Tsugunai
12.12.00 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue delayed
12.11.00 Natsume to support GameCube
12.11.00 WonderSwan Color, Final Fantasy launch in Japan
12.11.00 Final Fantasy X to make new public showing?
12.09.00 Record of Lodoss War North America-bound
12.09.00 Skies of Arcadia VMU downloads available
12.09.00 Yet more Onimusha details
12.08.00 Dragon Warrior III GBC headed to America
12.08.00 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within gets composer
12.08.00 Sega announces Shenmue: The Movie
12.08.00 Final Fantasy producer, Majora's Mask win interactive awards
12.08.00 MGS2 demo with US Z.O.E confirmed, shown
12.07.00 Konami announces spring release dates
12.05.00 Final Fantasy Anthology PS2 compatiblity issues
12.05.00 Grandia II ships
12.03.00 Famitsu rates Final Fantasy WonderSwan Color
12.02.00 New Rhapsody of Zephyr screens
12.02.00 Kojima unveils further details on Metal Gear Solid 2
12.02.00 Konami plans for various Zone of the Enders releases
12.02.00 Final Fantasy IX grabs top sales spot, Shenmue falls
12.01.00 Dragon Quest VIII development begins
12.01.00 Breath of Fire IV ships
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