Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger for North America?

[12.19.00] » PlayStation ports of SNES classics may yet cross the Pacific, if fan feedback proves sufficient.

   According to a report on, Square is looking for customer feedback through its address regarding a potential North American release of the PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. The report comes on the heels of additional reports from the GIA's sources that the two titles are already headed for North America.

   If the two titles do appear in English, they would be released with a "discounted price," probably $20-$30 US. Both titles would likely be released sometime during the summer of 2001.

   While this move may come as surprise given Square's previous reluctance to release the titles, it is hardly implausible. With Square EA's 2001 line-up currently consisting solely of PlayStation 2 titles (The Bouncer, Final Fantasy X, and Driving Emotion Type S being the confirmed titles thus far), two popular PlayStation 1 RPGs would make a valuable addition to its release roster. In addition, a change in Sony's licensing policy has made it easier for third parties to release low-priced titles.

   The Final Fantasy IV port was released as both a stand-alone title and a piece of the Final Fantasy Collection in Japan. However, it was excluded when the collection was brought to North America as Final Fantasy Anthology. Chrono Trigger PSX was released only by itself; its release shortly preceded the Japanese debut of Chrono Cross. Both games feature new FMV movies, including an expanded ending to Chrono Trigger that ties into Chrono Cross' storyline.

   More details on the games can be found in the GIA's coverage of Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy Anthology.

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