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March 2000
03.31.00 TGS: Square Japan talks PlayOnline with the GIA
03.31.00 TGS: Final Fantasy IX impressions
03.31.00 TGS: Climax's Illbleed revealed
03.31.00 TGS: Phantasy Star Online gameplay details, screenshots, art
03.30.00 Resident Evil Code: Veronica hits the Dreamcast
03.30.00 Time Stalkers ships to retailers
03.29.00 Pikachu VRS retitled
03.28.00 Assorted Final Fantasy IX story details
03.28.00 Assorted Final Fantasy IX story details
03.26.00 Famitsu confirms Nobuo Uematsu as Final Fantasy IX composer
03.24.00 Star Ocean: Blue Sphere plot details
03.24.00 Eternal Eyes re-emerges
03.24.00 Red retitled
03.24.00 Eternal Ring, Evergrace U.S.-bound?
03.24.00 Metal Gear: Ghost Babel release date, name change
03.24.00 Tokyo Game Show Playstation lineups announced
03.23.00 GIA launches contributor profiles
03.22.00 Mother 3 delayed...
03.22.00 Evolution 2 localization update
03.22.00 New Phantasy Star Online details
03.21.00 Capcom debuts bimonthly RPG saga
03.21.00 Evil Dead game retitled
03.21.00 Capcom cancels Resident Evil for GBC
03.20.00 Maken X sequel in the works?
03.20.00 Vagrant Story to feature demo disc?
03.18.00 VIVI gets sex change
03.18.00 Vanguard Bandits delayed
03.17.00 New details on Breath of Fire IV
03.17.00 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue pre-order details
03.17.00 D2 and Seaman release dates
03.17.00 Evolution 2 confirmed for U.S. release
03.17.00 Final Fantasy IX story info
03.16.00 LucasArts, Sony announce online Star Wars RPG
03.15.00 Chase The Express U.S. title announced
03.15.00 Shen Mue, Space Channel 5 localization updates
03.15.00 Konami announces PlayStation 2 strategy title
03.15.00 Evergrace release date
03.14.00 Squaresoft release dates announced
03.14.00 GDC: show photos
03.14.00 GDC: X-Box unveiling photos
03.13.00 Space Channel 5 delayed
03.13.00 Vib Ribbon to be released by Sony Europe; SCEA passes on U.S. release
03.13.00 Atlus announces Tokyo Game Show lineup
03.12.00 Activision announces sales promotions for Alundra 2
03.10.00 Play American DVDs on Japanese PlayStation 2
03.10.00 Final Fantasy IX screenshots, artwork, character renders
03.10.00 Capcom announces TGS 2000 game list
03.10.00 Sony renames Be On Edge
03.10.00 Limited edition Chocobo Color WonderSwan available in late March
03.10.00 New Vagrant Story promo movie
03.10.00 Limited edition Chocobo Color WonderSwan available in late March
03.09.00 European Dreamcast release dates
03.09.00 Final Fantasy Movie character names
03.08.00 Tales of Eternia media and more
03.08.00 Samba de Amigo Dreamcast controller, release date, pricing announced
03.08.00 tri-Ace unveils Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
03.08.00 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue English screenshots
03.07.00 Surfing Pikachu discovered
03.07.00 Samba de Amigo Dreamcast controller, release date, pricing announced
03.07.00 ChuChu Rocket ships
03.07.00 Takuyo announces online Dreamcast action-RPG
03.06.00 The Legend of Zelda: Mask of Mujula retitled?
03.06.00 Final Fantasy IX, X, and XI receive updated release dates
03.06.00 Pokémon Stadium released
03.06.00 Columbia Pictures launches
03.06.00 Natsume confirms new Harvest Moon title and Game Boy Color releases
03.04.00 Eternal Ring impressions
03.04.00 Atlus announces Persona 2: Punishment for Japanese release
03.04.00 New Dragon Quest VII characters revealed
03.04.00 PlayStation 2 impressions
03.04.00 Nintendo offers free Pokémon Stadium poster
03.04.00 More on Sakura Taisen DC
03.04.00 Famitsu rates PlayStation 2 titles
03.04.00 Second Pokémon movie receives official title
03.03.00 ChuChu Rocket meets minor delay
03.01.00 Capcom announces serial Dreamcast RPG
03.01.00 Sega confirms cable modem for U.S. release
03.01.00 Maken X U.S. release delayed
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