05.22.01 Final Fantasy IX to be second Bleemcast! game
   Square's last PlayStation RPG will soon be playable on the Dreamcast.
11.21.00 Final Fantasy IX Art Book coming to the US?
   Longtime Amano fans may finally get their wish.
10.31.00 Square plans FF IX marketing, merchandizing blitz
   Let's play money-making game.
10.27.00 FF IX North American OST track listing
   Find out what tracks will appear on Tokyopop's FF IX soundtrack. Game spoilers.
10.23.00 Square confirms Final Fantasy IX release date
   Sometime between November 13th and November 15th.
10.10.00 Digicube announces new Final Fantasy IX soundtrack disc
   New tracks rumored to include Uematsu's self-produced karaoke-remix of P.O.D.'s "Rock the Party."
10.08.00 Final Fantasy IX Consumer Demo Day Impressions
   Final Fantasy fans unfamiliar with "law of diminishing returns."
10.04.00 Final Fantasy IX U.S. soundtrack revealed
   Get excited with the exclusive details of Tokyopop's U.S. soundtrack release: the new U.S. title, how many tracks, how much, the cover art, an exclusive extra track and much more.
09.21.00 Roundtable with Final Fantasy IX staffers
   Some of the creative minds behind Square's last PSX game discuss characters, plot, new systems, and more.
09.05.00 Final Fantasy IX public demo; release date
   October; November.
08.16.00 Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack gets Limited Edition treatment
   Square continues the tradition started by Final Fantasy VII.
08.16.00 Square to show English Final Fantasy IX in September
   I have seen the future, and it is Amarant.
08.16.00 Final Fantasy IX music single available
   For the music connoisseur who really, really likes Melodies of Life.
07.31.00 Hidden Final Fantasy IX mini-game discovered
   As if one card game wasn't addicting enough.
07.07.00 Square to enter into soundtrack publishing alliance
   Final Fantasy IX, Parasite Eve 2 soundtracks to see U.S. release under new agreement with TokyoPOP and Mixx Entertainment.
07.07.00 Final Fantasy IX hands-on impressions
   Square continues Final Fantasy tradition of neglecting to suck.
06.29.00 Weekly Famitsu rates Final Fantasy IX
   The weekly version of Famitsu gives the game the same score as its PlayStation-only brother.
06.23.00 Famitsu PS rates FFIX
   Proves lack of advertising and game quality do not have a correlation.
05.30.00 Final Fantasy IX card game details
    Double Destiny? Quadruple Quandary? Square's latest minigame is sure to be a time-killer.
05.30.00 Delving into Final Fantasy IX's Alexandria
   An in-depth look at the first town.
05.26.00 Final Fantasy IX: First in-depth story and system information
   Concrete plot details and gameplay information emerge just weeks before the title's Japanese release.
05.19.00 Final Fantasy IX Japanese preorder details
    Square's desperate attempt at selling a little-hyped, unknown game.
05.17.00 Final Fantasy IX's Japanese release date moves forward
    Better have your import funds ready a little bit earlier than planned.
04.23.00 Final Fantasy IX update
    Sidekicks and armor and special attacks, oh my!
04.19.00 Final Fantasy IX gameplay information
    It's not much, but it's a start.
04.15.00 Five new Final Fantasy IX characters revealed
   Who's That Final Fantasy IX Character? First names and background details inside.
04.05.00 Final Fantasy IX character silhouettes
   See the five unannounced Final Fantasy IX characters in outline form.
03.31.00 TGS: Final Fantasy IX impressions
   If you sat through all the sports games...
03.29.00 New Final Fantasy IX character revealed
   A somewhat familiar face joins the cast.
03.26.00 Famitsu confirms Nobuo Uematsu as Final Fantasy IX composer
   Surprise, surprise.
03.10.00 Final Fantasy IX release date, character information
   Do you want to know more?
03.06.00 Final Fantasy IX, X, and XI receive updated release dates
   FFIX to hit Japan in July, X and XI still arrivng in 2001 on PS2.
01.29.00 Final Fantasy IX, X, XI, Movie details
   Final Fantasy IX medieval, "not realistic at all"; Square focuses on online future.
01.28.00 Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve II, Final Fantasy IX release dates
   (June, August, September, October.)
11.29.99 Square confirms Final Fantasy IX delay
   Current fiscal year's earning forecasts reduced dramatically.
10.26.99 Final Fantasy IX delayed?
   FF IX may miss this fiscal year, but Square's PlayStation 2 titles won't.
09.18.99 TGS: Square hints as Final Fantasy IX unveiling
   Square announces a November conference on upcoming titles and includes a not-so-subtle "IX" logo in the promotional reel.
09.02.99 Hironobu Sakaguchi interview
   In the latest issue of GameWEEK, Square's Hironobu Sakaguchi sits down to discuss Final Fantasy VIII, the PlayStation 2, and future titles in the company's flagship series.
06.22.99 Famitsu reports on Final Fantasy IX
   Secret PlayStation RPG reported to be in development at Square Honolulu.
06.21.99 Square plans for the future
   Recent stockholder meeting brings new revelation.
06.03.99 Ninth Final Fantasy confirmed for PSX
   Digicube, Square's distribution and retail subsidiary in Japan, asserts that the ninth Final Fantasy will be released for the PlayStation by early next year.
05.24.99 New Final Fantasy revealed
   Design documents promise a radically different direction for "Final Fantasy IX"
03.15.99 New Final Fantasy revealed?
   Intriguing design documents promise a radically different direction.
Final Fantasy IX