Double Agent
November 1999
11.30.99 No column
11.29.99 A wee little update
11.28.99 Sluggy Q&A
11.27.99 No column
11.26.99 Hyrule is not enough
11.25.99 No column
11.24.99 Don't worry; columns like this come but once a year.
11.23.99 No column
11.22.99 Ass backwards. Yes, even moreso than usual
11.21.99 No column
11.20.99 No column
11.19.99 I'm the Working Designs of columnists
11.18.99 No column
11.17.99 You'll never get an award, you jackass
11.16.99 No column
11.15.99 No, no, it's too sexy!
11.14.99 Questions and answers. What did you expect?
11.13.99 Chu on this
11.12.99 The day that the earth stood still
11.11.99 The day after
11.10.99 To see or not to see
11.09.99 Turning to Ash
11.08.99 Hello, my name is Drew and this is my column
11.07.99 What if we all lived in Ohio?
11.06.99 The past, the present, the future
11.05.99 Everybody is wrong about everything
11.04.99 A night at the movies
11.03.99 The end is nigh?
11.02.99 In the year 2000
11.01.99 Congratulations on your survival
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