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December 1999
12.27.99 Silent Hill to join Greatest Hits series
12.24.99 Shen Mue creator Yu Suzuki rates children of the 21st century
12.23.99 Final Fantasy IX FMV reportedly completed
12.22.99 New Crystalis GBC details, screen shots
12.21.99 Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections announced
12.20.99 Yu Suzuki speaks on Shen Mue's future
12.20.99 Star Ocean goes portable
12.17.99 Chocobo's Dungeon 2 ships early
12.16.99 More on Ogre Battle for Neo Geo Pocket Color
12.16.99 Vagrant Story gets new release date
12.16.99 Nintendo plans online Pokémon title
12.16.99 Capcom announces first quarter schedule
12.16.99 Famitsu rates Valkyrie Profile, D2, and Biohazard 2 Value Plus
12.16.99 Pokémon: The Second Movie release date
12.15.99 Front Mission 3 US release confirmed
12.13.99 Square Millennium announcement details
12.12.99 Additional Legend of Dragoon impressions
12.10.99 More on Kamurai
12.10.99 Mappet Monster retitled
12.10.99 Pikachu Genki de Chu confirmed for U.S. release
12.10.99 Zelda title confirmed for Game Boy Advance
12.10.99 Hoshigami delayed
12.09.99 Dino Crisis 2 announced for PlayStation 2
12.09.99 Final Fantasy VIII sells 1 million
12.09.99 Improved Vandal Hearts 2 anti-mod codes
12.06.99 Tommo shuffles Dreamcast release schedule
12.05.99 Konami considers BeMani titles for U.S. release
12.03.99 Vandal Hearts II mod chip lockout bypass codes
12.02.99 New Resident Evil game confirmed for PlayStation 2
12.02.99 Pokémon Trading Card Game delayed
12.02.99 Space Channel 5 confirmed for U.S. release
12.02.99 Legend of Dragoon initial impressions
12.01.99 Chu Chu Rocket U.S. bound
12.01.99 Namco announces "The God RPG"
12.01.99 Vandal Hearts II released for PlayStation
12.01.99 Enix to port Dragon Quest I-IV to PlayStation
12.01.99 Square to release nine titles for portable WonderSwan
12.01.99 Third Pokémon movie announced
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