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February 2001
02.28.01 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within wristwatch planned
02.28.01 Dinosaur Planet moves to GameCube
02.28.01 Devil May Cry, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X confirmed for U.S. release
02.26.01 New WildCard details
02.26.01 Konami reveals MGS2 demo Internet Ranking Mode
02.26.01 Final Fantasy X and The Spirits Within toys revealed
02.26.01 King's Field IV delayed
02.24.01 Sony planning over 30 first-party titles for 2001?
02.24.01 First details on Retro Studios' GameCube RPG
02.24.01 GameCube Metroid not a first-person shooter as speculated
02.24.01 Shadow of Destiny hands-on impressions
02.23.01 Onimusha U.S. date confirmed
02.23.01 Nintendo confirms GameCube Zelda development
02.23.01 Final Fantasy II WonderSwan Color details, screens
02.23.01 New Zelda: Oracles gameplay information
02.22.01 Dark Cloud, ICO, and Monster Rancher 3 confirmed for US
02.22.01 New Metal Gear Solid 2 story details
02.22.01 Namco plans new game announcements for Tokyo Game Show
02.21.01 Famitsu rates four - Shadow of Destiny, Zone of the Enders, and both GBC Zeldas
02.20.01 Final Fantasy II for WonderSwan Color delayed
02.20.01 More Z.O.E anime on the way
02.17.01 Fear Effect 1 offered with Retro Helix reservations
02.17.01 Square polls fans on Final Fantasy vocal remake
02.16.01 Full track list for Unison unveiled
02.15.01 Maken Shao screenshots and gameplay features revealed
02.15.01 More Maken Shao information
02.15.01 Sega and Nintendo joint RPG confirmed
02.14.01 Uematsu discusses Final Fantasy X audio
02.14.01 Sega plans Phantasy Star Online sequel
02.14.01 Nintendo confirms Zelda GBC titles for North American release
02.12.01 Two new Pokémon releases get scheduled
02.12.01 Game Boy Advance U.S. date announced
02.12.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 figures displayed
02.11.01 Sakura Taisen PS2 not a port
02.11.01 WonderSwan Color US release still a possibility
02.11.01 Phantasy Star Online security troubles
02.11.01 Final Fantasy IX figures arrive in stores
02.09.01 Monster Rancher 3 preorder campaign, new screens
02.09.01 More ChuChu Rocket GBA screens, multiplayer details
02.09.01 New Shenmue II gameplay details
02.09.01 Maken X sequel in the works?
02.08.01 Square posts first-ever losses, begins reorganization
02.08.01 DigiCube to sell Game Boy titles
02.07.01 Square announces new Final Fantasy album
02.06.01 The Gaming Intelligence Agency joins Honor System
02.06.01 Paper Mario ships to retailers
02.06.01 Pokémon returns to the big screen
02.03.01 Shadow of Memories to be released early
02.02.01 Dreamcast Smash Pack price drop
02.01.01 New Tales game in the works
02.01.01 ChuChu Rocket GBA screens, multiplayer details
02.01.01 Sakura Taisen PS2 update
02.01.01 Final Fantasy X song title revealed
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