ChuChu Rocket GBA screens, multiplayer details

[02.01.00] » New levels wa su-go-i!

    Details have emerged concerning the multiplayer portion of ChuChu Rocket for the Game Boy Advance. Like the Dreamcast version, the objective is quite simple: if you have the most mice in your rocket at the end of the round, you win. Players will have their own arrows, which they can use to direct the mice into their rocket or send a cat into their opponent's rocket. Sending cats into your opponent's rockets will lower their count.

    In addition to the hundreds of levels available in the Dreamcast version, Game Boy Advance owners can look forward to 2,500 player-designed levels. ChuChu Rocket will be released at the launch of the Game Boy Advance on March 21st in Japan.

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Chu Chu Rocket
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