More ChuChu Rocket GBA screens, multiplayer details

[02.09.01] » Four players, one cartridge.

    Sonic Team has announced that the Game Boy Advance version of Chuchu Rocket will allow up to four players to battle via link cable using only one game cartridge. The multiplayer aspect has been known since the game's announcement last month, but it was unknown as to whether or not each player would need a copy of the game.

    IGNPocket has reported that in addition to the 2500 fan-created levels in the game, players will also be able to create their own levels, a feature found in the Dreamcast version. New to the game will be a graphics editor, which will allow players to edit the graphics of existing levels and add a little variety to the visuals.

    Chuchu Rocket will be available on March 21st in Japan.

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