10.30.01 Making of Metal Gear Solid 2 DVD to be offered in Japan
   Is it better to get the game two weeks later, or to get this upon preordering?
10.30.01 Development on Metal Gear Solid 2 concludes
    This probably leaves out the possibility of it being the E3 game of the show again.
05.22.01 Final Metal Gear Solid 2 interview details
   Operation Clambake goes into effect.
05.19.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 E3 trailer online
   Choose your resolution and live it.
05.18.01 E3: Metal Gear Solid 2 status update
   Media blackout to begin after E3; release date and price confirmed.
05.17.01 E3: Metal Gear Solid 2 footage online
   Not the full trailer, but a significant piece.
05.16.01 E3: Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer impressions...
   ...with special surprise guest Hideo Kojima.
04.24.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 media blackout begins
   Kojima activates his stealth suit.
04.18.01 David Hayter to return for Metal Gear Solid 2
   Right after he takes care of that helicopter.
04.01.01 Solid Snake entertains himself in Metal Gear Solid 2 demo
   Otacon, gaming public mortified.
03.03.01 Z.O.E and Metal Gear Solid 2 demo hands-on impressions
   You packaged a quality game with my demo! --And you packaged a quality demo with my game! Hmmm...
03.01.01 Konami announces "Your Name in MGS2!" Campaign
   A few lucky gamers will get their necks snapped by Snake himself.
03.01.01 Z.O.E / MGS 2 Premium Guidebook announced
   Konami's two biggest titles get a 2-in-1 guidebook.
02.26.01 Konami reveals MGS2 demo Internet Ranking Mode
   Top players can post demo statistics on web.
02.22.01 New Metal Gear Solid 2 story details
   Demo release brings new plot and character information.
02.12.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 figures displayed
   McFarlane Toys sheds a little light on new characters at Toyfair 2001.
01.31.01 Hideo Kojima defines Metal Gear Solid X
   Xbox installment to feature a mix of the original and its sequel.
01.29.01 Metal Gear series coming to an end?
   Kojima says Sons of Liberty will conclude the series.
01.17.01 Kojima discusses upcoming PS2 games
   And everyone listens.
01.12.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 demo details
    Konami reveals modes and moves from the MGS2 demo.
12.08.00 MGS2 demo with US Z.O.E confirmed, shown
   Could Konami single-handedly justify the PS2?
12.082.00 Kojima unveils further details on Metal Gear Solid 2
   Go ahead, click. You know you can't resist.
09.25.00 Z.O.E to include playable Metal Gear Solid 2 demo
   Superconcentration of goodness threatens universe.
08.16.00 Konami announces ECTS plans
   New MGS2 footage and playable Zone of Enders.
06.09.00 Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer video announced
   Konami asks consumers to pay for advertisement; succeeds.
06.01.00 Metal Gear Solid 2 to link with Game Boy Color
   Two games to share data across systems, manufacturers.
05.26.00 Metal Gear Solid 2 AI details
   MGS2. It's thinking.
05.10.00 E3: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty impressions
    Solid Snake triumphantly returns to the PlayStation 2
05.10.00 E3: Metal Gear Solid 2 subtitle announced
    Konami confirms "Sons of Liberty" subtitle.
Metal Gear Solid 2