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November 1999
11.30.99 Syphon Filter 2 in 2000
11.29.99 Square confirms Final Fantasy IX delay
11.29.99 Valkyrie Profile delayed
11.23.99 Square announces online store, FF VIII OST U.S. release
11.22.99 GIA celebrates first birthday
11.21.99 Yet another Shen Mue minigame
11.20.99 Detonator Gauntlet renamed, delayed to February
11.20.99 Metal Gear: Ghost Babel character details
11.19.99 Front Mission 3 localization announced
11.18.99 Details on new Chrono Trigger soundtrack
11.18.99 Raziel traveling abroad
11.18.99 Shen Mue gets release date
11.17.99 Fithos Luthos Wecos Vinosec tracklist released
11.17.99 Ogre Battle 64 in May
11.17.99 Evergrace jumps to PlayStation 2
11.17.99 Code Veronica VMU use revealed
11.17.99 Dragon Quest VII loses release date
11.16.99 Chrono Cross Famitsu scores
11.16.99 Project Majestic Mix moves
11.16.99 Vagrant Story set for January
11.16.99 More Chrono Cross character / story background info
11.16.99 Pokémon catches big profits
11.16.99 The return of Tengai Makyo?
11.16.99 Vatical grabs Elemental Gimmick Gear
11.15.99 Koudelka in April 2000
11.15.99 Still more Chrono Cross characters
11.13.99 More on Zelda GBC trilogy
11.13.99 Atlus announces Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children
11.12.99 Soul Reaver to be enhanced for Dreamcast
11.11.99 Sega possibly to leave hardware arena
11.09.99 SaGa Frontier 2 to get PAL release
11.09.99 Shen Mue delayed once again
11.06.99 Evil Dead: Ashes 2 Ashes design art
11.05.99 Zelda Gaiden headed to the U.S.
11.04.99 Atlus to publish US Ogre Battle 64
11.04.99 Resident Evil 3 release moved up
11.02.99 Alundra 2 update
11.02.99 Seventh Cross retitled
11.01.99 Warp "retires" Laura
11.01.99 Pokémon: The First Movie pushed up
11.01.99 Under Cover delayed
11.01.99 Evolution delayed
11.01.99 Yellow goes Platinum
11.01.99 SaGa Frontier II, Chocobo's Dungeon 2 release dates
11.01.99 Project Majestic Mix clarification
11.01.99 Final Fantasy VIII PC to keep Chocobo World mini-game
11.01.99 Chrono Cross story details
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