Details on new Chrono Trigger soundtrack

[11.18.99] » Upcoming CD release to feature nine new arrangements of CT's music.

   Details on the mysterious new Chrono Trigger soundtrack due out December 18th have finally been discovered. According to Soundtrack Central, the CD will include 30 tracks. Nine of these tracks are the high-quality remixes of the original Chrono Trigger music played during the anime cutscenes in recently-released PlayStation port. Arranged by Tsuyoshi Sekito of Brave Fencer Musashi fame, these tracks include Distant Promise, Crono's Theme, Frog's Theme, Ayla's Theme, To Far Away Times, and others.

   The other twenty-two tracks are plucked from the game's original soundtrack and are apparently composer Yasunori Mitsuda's favorites -- a distribution similar to Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks, which featured a few arrangments and Uematsu's favorite OSV tracks.

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Chrono Trigger
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