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June 1999
06.29.99 Final Fantasy VII finally joins Greatest Hits
06.29.99 Pokémon Yellow, Stadium delayed
06.29.99 Square begins Anthology music survey
06.29.99 Nintendo announces Tetris Attack 64
06.26.99 Legend of Mana demos revealed?
06.25.99 Xenogears 2 in preliminary development?
06.25.99 Is it time for a Chrono Trigger sequel?
06.25.99 New Legend of Mana gameplay information
06.24.99 Pokémon movie catches release date
06.22.99 Famitsu reports on Final Fantasy IX
06.21.99 Square plans for the future
06.21.99 New Final Fantasy VIII release date
06.18.99 Zelda 64 price cut
06.18.99 Star Ocean 2 calendars
06.18.99 Dragon Quest I + II for Game Boy Color revealed
06.17.99 Square announces cast of Final Fantasy Movie
06.16.99 Blaster Master rolls onto PlayStation, Game Boy Color
06.16.99 Legend of Mana US release not confirmed yet
06.16.99 So, that's how we fooled them.
06.16.99 Resident Evil: Code Veronica to include network support
06.16.99 Pokémon Silver and Gold delayed
06.15.99 Final Fantasy Anthology US details
06.14.99 Nintendo to display next Zelda at Space World
06.13.99 Week in Review
06.10.99 D2 release information
06.10.99 Mana to include four demos
06.09.99 Grandia delayed
06.09.99 Further Dewprism character info revealed
06.08.99 Star Ocean: The Second Story shipped
06.08.99 Project Ares artwork
06.08.99 Square dodges FFIV lack flak
06.07.99 The Week in Review
06.03.99 Shen Mue delayed
06.03.99 Langrisser Millennium details
06.03.99 Ninth Final Fantasy confirmed for PSX
06.03.99 Nintendo considers Pokémon Theme Park
06.01.99 Sega announces Project Ares
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