Square begins Anthology music survey

[06.29.99] » Web poll will likely influence music CD choices.

   It's no great secret that Square plans to include a "Best of" music CD, containing selected tracks from Final Fantasies V and VI, with Final Fantasy Anthology. However, the company's method of selecting the tracks may come as bit of a surprise.

   Yesterday, Square quietly unveiled a new Surveys section of its web page. The first survey concerns fans' favorite tracks from Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI -- an obvious allusion to the scheduled CD.

   While Square has yet to make any official announcement regarding the survey, it's hard to believe that the results won't have at least some influence on what tracks end up making the final cut. Fans interested in having a say in the decision should be sure to cast their vote in the survey. Track listings from the two games can be found at soundtrackcentral.com.

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