Project Ares artwork

[06.08.99] » Sega unveils the character designs for its recently announced Dreamcast RPG, as well as some further revelations concerning the story.

   The latest creation of the Phantasy Star team -- in virtual hibernation since Phantasy Star IV -- is Project Ares, announced at the Sega New Challenge Conference '99. Though still mostly under wraps, Ares is already showing promise, especially in the new details surrounding its storyline. You'll take control of a exploration crew and set off on a journey to explore an unknown continent. Unlike those of nearly every other RPG in existance, the world of Project Ares is neither futuristic nor medieval -- instead, it seems to be based on the Age of Exploration.

   Perhaps more of interest is the appearance of the first character designs for the game. The band of heroes (and possibly villains) fits right in with the timeline -- some of the characters are clearly sailors or scholars, and a great blue ship even makes an appearance, replete with a waiting bevy of cannons.

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