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September 2001
09.30.01 Konami to release Art of Silent Hill DVD in Japan
09.29.01 Sega sponsors Jet Set Radio Future graffiti contest
09.27.01 Star Ocean 3 teaser image
09.28.01 Evolution Worlds announced for GameCube
09.28.01 Shin Megami Tensei II delayed in Japan
09.28.01 Sega TGS details
09.27.01 Star Ocean 3 screenshots
09.27.01 First Star Ocean 3 details
09.27.01 Final Fantasy: Unlimited trailer
09.27.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 limited edition announced in Japan
09.27.01 Arc the Lad Collection package, pricing details
09.26.01 Everything ships to retail
09.22.01 Square reveals TGS line-up, WonderSwan screenshots
09.21.01 Microsoft confirms Xbox launch delay
09.21.01 Monster Rancher 3 delayed
09.20.01 Another round of Wild Arms Advanced 3rd details
09.20.01 Monster Rancher 3 Giveaway results
09.20.01 Tokyopop announces Final Fantasy soundtrack compilations
09.20.01 Tales of Fandom announced
09.20.01 Dragon Warrior VII gets release date
09.19.01 Silent Hill 2 to offer variable combat, puzzle difficulty levels
09.19.01 GameCube versions of Resident Evil 2, 3, and CODE: Veronica to be ports
09.18.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 remains delay free
09.17.01 Pikmin pushed back
09.17.01 Kingdom Hearts to include Final Fantasy characters
09.17.01 Xenosaga delayed
09.15.01 Super Monkey Ball hands-on impressions and 83 screenshots
09.15.01 Square continues to support WonderSwan
09.14.01 First Lufia GBA screens, info
09.13.01 Dragon Quest IV Gets Japanese Release Date
09.13.01 New Suikoden III details?
09.13.01 Resident Evil series becomes GameCube exclusive
09.13.01 Resident Evil 1 officially headed to GameCube
09.13.01 Final Fantasy X US details
09.11.01 Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 announced for Windows
09.11.01 Enix launches Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Site
09.10.01 More Final Fantasy: Unlimited details
09.09.01 Shenmue II impressions, media
09.09.01 Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 multiplatform connectivity in limbo?
09.08.01 Midway to publish Shadow Hearts in North America
09.08.01 Changes in store for Black & White console ports
09.07.01 More on Final Fantasy TV series
09.06.01 Phantasy Star Online multi-platform details confirmed
09.06.01 Hundred Swords coming to North American PCs
09.06.01 The GIA archive returns online
09.05.01 Fall Tokyo Game Show details
09.05.01 Shenmue II US release information
09.04.01 New Suikoden III information
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