Kingdom Hearts to include Final Fantasy characters

[09.17.01] » BOOYAKA!

   New information on Square's Kingdom Hearts has been revealed in the pages of Weekly Jump magazine and posted online by The Madman's Cafe. In addition to feature a slew of different Disney characters, the game will feature characters from various Square worlds.

   Three such characters have been seen so far: Tidus and Wakka from Final Fantasy X, and Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII. Each has been redrawn in a more super-deformed, childlike style to fit the Kingdom Hearts aesthetics, and two of them have new weapons: Selphie has a jumprope instead of her nunchaku, and Tidus a rod instead of a sword. Tidus and Wakka also have simplified outfits, and all three wear sandals.

   The three characters may come from different gaming backgrounds, but they're apparently all friends in Kingdom Hearts. Bossy little Sefie is the leader of the trio, while Wakka is the reliable advisor and Tidus the hotheaded rebel.

   Two additional Disney characters have been confirmed as appearing in the game: Pluto and another duck, likely Daisy. It's not yet known whether any of the new characters will be playable.

   For scans of screenshots and artwork of Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie, check out The Madman's Cafe.

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