Double Agent
June 1999
06.30.99 This Evil unleashed
06.29.99 Echoes of a new order
06.28.99 Raising Hell's Children
06.27.99 The day Nintendo's ass was kissed
06.26.99 Go go Gadget Column!
06.23.99 Burying my head in the sand
06.22.99 Alas, alack, and other crap
06.21.99 Cleaning the fish tank
06.20.99 Damn dirty upgrades
06.19.99 Evil Genius
06.18.99 Turtle droppings, my dear Watson
06.17.99 This isn't supposed to make sense, you twit
06.16.99 Deep-seated biases, and taking pride in them
06.15.99 My sanity drifted away long ago, foolish boy
06.14.99 "Doot," said the monkey
06.13.99 The translation have started to move!
06.12.99 Math is power
06.11.99 Bloody painful, that's what
06.10.99 This will teach you not to cross Moses Magnum!
06.09.99 FINALLY
06.08.99 Walking a very delicate tightrope, and praying
06.07.99 I'm losing patience with you monkeys, y'know
06.06.99 Various incoherent babblings
06.05.99 Hey. Click this link.
06.04.99 All that is wrong with humanity, in one place
06.03.99 Bubbalicious, my dear Buffy
06.02.99 Weeping gorilla blues
06.01.99 Beefy, meaty, and covered in chives
Double Agent
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