Double Agent
April 1999
04.30.99 I love all people, except for stupid ones
04.29.99 Of course I'm not sleeping with your wife, Mr. Spacely!
04.28.99 Not quite as nice as a Dutch rub from a supermodel, but pretty good
04.27.99 The Agent and the Troll, a parable for gamers
04.26.99 Like, check out all those swingin' surfers, man. Gnarly.
04.25.99 More debate than a senate hearing
04.24.99 Do not overfill cup, do not pass Go
04.23.99 Run! Run away! The End times are come!
04.22.99 Night of the man-eating fruit drink
04.21.99 Same old, same old, same old
04.20.99 Does Xenogears suck? Does Fei have the skillz?
04.19.99 Craving succor from the beasts of fandom
04.18.99 A winner is you! We are Ninja Go!
04.17.99 Give and take, give and take
04.16.99 Flash! Allan battles a thesaurus... and loses!
04.15.99 The rumors are true. Every one of them.
04.14.99 Late, bitter, but full of Floigan goodness
04.13.99 Piracy disputes and the breadth of fantasy
04.12.99 Pretty snowflakes with acid in them
04.09.99 The calm before the storm
04.08.99 Back to basics, you bouncy bumpkins
04.07.99 A serious column for a serious site
04.05.99 The early bird gets the flame. Stay in your nest, Tweety.
04.04.99 Squeezing every last drop of alchohol out of the sponge
04.03.99 Fallout and downtime excuses
04.01.99 Ask Fucko
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