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June 2001
06.30.01 Final Fantasy Chronicles arrives early
06.29.01 Nintendo announces Japanese GameCube release schedule
06.29.01 Final Fantasy X site updates yet again
06.28.01 Infogrames to rock Europe's world with thirteen Sega games
06.27.01 Z.O.E officially bound for Game Boy Advance
06.27.01 Working Designs updates release schedule
06.27.01 Sega's K-Project named
06.27.01 Black & White coming to PlayStation 2, Xbox
06.27.01 Ubi Soft to publish Capcom GBA titles in Europe
06.26.01 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within soundtrack site launches
06.26.01 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within screensaver available
06.26.01 Xenosaga interview
06.16.01 Maken Shao hands-on impressions
06.26.01 Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis impressions
06.26.01 Details on Final Fantasy X's Rikku
06.25.01 Parappa the Rapper 2 video released
06.25.01 Super Monkey Ball a lock for GameCube launch
06.25.01 Sega announces Sakura Taisen 4 for Dreamcast
06.23.01 Kingdom Hearts interview details
06.22.01 Final Fantasy X details galore
06.22.01 Gitaroo-Man impressions
06.22.01 Phantasy Star Online ver. 2's US release in danger
06.22.01 New gaming wallpaper released
06.22.01 New Devil May Cry information
06.21.01 Zone of the Enders coming to Game Boy Advance
06.16.01 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within soundtrack listing
06.21.01 Dragon Quest headed to GameCube?
06.20.01 More on PaRappa the Rapper 2
06.20.01 New Metal Gear Solid bleemcast! screens
06.20.01 Sony to publish seven Sega PS2 titles in Europe
06.20.01 Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 American release date update
06.20.01 Nobuo Uematsu sharing Final Fantasy X composing duties
06.19.01 Final Fantasy X's Sphere Board System unveiled
06.19.01 New Final Fantasy X game, character details
06.18.01 Square, Namco, Enix joint plans revealed
06.16.01 Maken Shao hands-on impressions
06.16.01 Jet Set Radio Future website launches
06.16.01 Rockman EXE 2 announced
06.16.01 Final Fantasy X special edition to include speaker
06.16.01 PaRappa the Rapper 2 website goes live
06.13.01 Tecmo announces Project 0
06.12.01 Dragon Warrior III site launches
06.12.01 Star Fox Adventures wallpaper released
06.12.01 Still more Xenosaga information
06.12.01 Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland release date
06.12.01 Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 American release date
06.12.01 Final Fantasy Tactics confirmed as joining Greatest Hits
06.12.01 Onimusha 2 release date set, logo unveiled
06.12.01 More Tactics Ogre GBA details
06.11.01 PaRappa the Rapper 2 gets a release date
06.11.01 Sony releases Wild Arms 3 music sample
06.09.01 Parasite Eve movie set for release on DVD, VHS
06.08.01 New Final Fantasy X trailer, screens
06.07.01 Black & White Dreamcast port put on hold
06.07.01 "Suteki da ne" sample released
06.07.01 More Xenosaga story, character details
06.07.01 Shenmue II release date
06.07.01 Koei retracts GameCube "press release"
06.07.01 Golden Sun delayed again
06.04.01 Game Arts partners with Enix, announces Grandia X
06.03.01 Square Vocal Collections track listing
06.02.01 New Tactics Ogre Gaiden details
06.01.01 Xenosaga story details and more
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