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July 2000
07.31.00 Hidden Final Fantasy IX mini-game discovered
07.31.00 Silent Hill goes handheld
07.31.00 Grandia series set to appear on Game Boy Color
07.31.00 Vib Ribbon gets European release date
07.27.00 Working Designs clarifies Arc the Lad Collection price
07.26.00 Grandia II scored by Famitsu
07.26.00 Majora's Mask to see gold cart, extensive advertising
07.26.00 Arc the Lad Collection to cost $90?
07.25.00 Zelda GBC trilogy now a one-two punch
07.25.00 LucasArts announces Star Wars RPG
07.24.00 Hundred Swords announced
07.24.00 Grandia II: Hands-on impressions
07.23.00 Pokemon Stadium Gold & Silver release announced
07.18.00 Nintendo shuffles release dates, sets up Clash of the Titans
07.18.00 Threads of Fate arrives in stores
07.17.00 Koei goes online with the PlayStation 2
07.17.00 Ages of Empires 2 heading to the PlayStation 2
07.17.00 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment receives tentative release date
07.17.00 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue delayed; punching puppet Ghaleon in stores now
07.17.00 Square announces Front Mission 3, Legend of Mana Millennium Collection pack-ins
07.17.00 Parasite Eve movie to get North American release
07.16.00 Hoshigami release date confirmed
07.16.00 Eternal Arcadia limited edition contents revealed
07.16.00 deSPIRIA release date slips in Japan
07.16.00 Sakura Taisen 2 Limited Edition contents announced
07.16.00 Japanese gamers get more Seaman
07.16.00 Eternal Ring improved for North American release
07.16.00 Day of Walpurgis/Time Adventure receives its third name in Japan
07.13.00 Khamrai receives Japanese release date
07.13.00 Three more games join the Square Millennium lineup
07.12.00 Hoshigami lives
07.12.00 Mother 3 to be "finished at any cost"
07.08.00 Legend of Mana, Front Mission 3 to join Square's Millennium Collection
07.07.00 Square to enter into soundtrack publishing alliance
07.07.00 Persona, Kartia receive lower prices
07.07.00 Final Fantasy IX hands-on impressions
07.06.00 Valkyrie Profile receives U.S. release date
07.05.00 Final Fantasy IX media posted prematurely
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